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  1. April 2nd of 2016. Though I must confess. I was a dumb and stupid and played pirated copies regularly until I did buy it. Started playing those when 0.20 just came out and the pirates hadn't posted downloads yet. So 0.19 was my first version. Though I am happy I finally paid money for it. Best money I've spent on a game. I must say I remember being finding out the Spaceport was no longer when all my bookmarks to my favorite mods ended up dead. I still have them saved on that old laptop. Was greatly inspired by Scott Manely's Reusable Space Program. And many of my first saves where used in my attempts to replicate it. Note: Just decided to rewatch the series and remembered how painful the resources tab use to be.
  2. So here I am again with another craft to submit. This one is named the Burning Flare. Due to the fact that all the engine power if on the top of the rocket. The original plan was to have the tank on top of the capsule and to cover the engine with the capsule. But it turned out to be to unstable. So I ended up making this sub 5000 craft. Sense my last submission I have installed Kerbal Engineer, and Restock. Both of which have no affect anything that would give me an advantage. Restock simply changes the textures of most stock parts. And Kerbal Engineer simply giving a data read out in the VAB with how I had it set up. Again I do not advise anyone to use this craft seriously. Burning Flare Cost: 4,990 Recovery Refund: 1,141 Cost after refund: 3,849 ∆v On Pad: 3872 m/s ∆v On In VAB: 3870 m/s Screenshots (Waited for day this time) If I was to rebuild this thing I think I would turn gimbling off on half of the engines in order to limit the amount of jitter the SAS caused.
  3. Would it be acceptable to make another entry if we can improve or achieve more adornments with a different craft? Also I thought we had to be in the a KSC biome to get The Cross Swords? If that is the case there may be an error.
  4. Well you kind of can get a loan. Even in the base game by taking a contract you don't think you'll complete but gives money in advance. You just have to either A) Complete the contract or B) use the funds gained to complete other contracts until the incomplete contract charge is paid off. Which while it is more that you get won't be that much different than paying off a loan with interest. I had tried to build a craft that was different from the ones I had seen already so that it didn't look like I just copied someones work. But there comes a point in which due to budget constants there are only so many usable designs. Which is why I ended up going a little over 5000. And with the lowest recovery refund being around 10% the lowest my craft would have refunded me is 504. Meaning that if I landed within the same side of Kerbin due to the refund being at least 54.16% of the craft. And only getting larger as I get closer. Making so that if you build something that is capable of a single stage to orbit. You could in theory have a budget of a little less than 7708 if you land on the same side of the planet as the KSC. Or a little less than 5516 if you just land on Kerbin in one piece. If your not accounting for fuel of course. That is if my math is correct. KSP recovery rates Data on Kerbin's Circumference
  5. So I now have my own craft to submit. Though I would not advise trying to replicate it. In order to slow the decent fast enough that the parachutes don't break I had to "fly" the rocket until it is at an acceptable speed. In this case I ended up "flying" from over the deserts to the west of KSC. This design property was not intended and was found when the ship became unstable in decent when I was testing it on reentry. And for those who will question the fund that I have on this save it is due to me editing a career save so I could figure out how much I earned back from recovery. The name is due to the sound I thought of during the reentry. I don't think it would have been quite considering the speeds. The getting close to KSC was not originally planned. I really didn't think I would be able to keep altitude that long. Though I now know I could have probably flown to the Island run way with the altitude and speed I had left before I started to dive. Cost of fuel would have been 900. Making it a 97.9721% recovery on the parts used. A previous attempted that landed in the desert had a recovery refund of 4078. I don't have screenshots for that attempt though. This ship shouldn't get any Adornments though. Screecher Cost: 5,782 Recovery Refund: 4,783 Cost after refund: 999 ∆v On Pad: 3348 m/s ∆v On In VAB: 3351 m/s Screenshots (Sorry about the lighting)
  6. Never gone farther than just out of Kerbin's SOI. Without cheats. I've been to Duna with cheats but I won't count that. Never finish any big plans. I plan on remedying this with my current long term save. Also am mediocre pilot. Still working on that one. Practice makes perfect but time can be limited.
  7. Current Mods Install on 1.9.


    I own none of these mods and they are all available on CKAN.

  8. I was browsing some mod with today and saw to my surprise the mod Kethane was still being supported after all this time. It was then that I remembered when I first started modding KSP with it likely being the first. So what was the first mod you added to KSP? Is it still supported after all this time or has it been lost to time? For me the first mods I installed where as follows. Kethane. Still an active mod that I haven't played with in ages. But now that I have some time I may pick it up again. BobCat's DEMVs and Garage. These where fun little rovers that seem to have been lost to time. Something to do with licencing I believe. But they were great when you couldn't build your own. Here's a link I found for an attempt at rebooting on of the mods. Doesn't look like it succeeded unfortunately. Mech-Jeb. My faithful companion. While have learned sense the first time I used it how to properly fly it's still nice to just let it do the work every so often. Especially on resupply missions to stations. So what where your first mod to install? Feel free to add to this. Also I'm still learning how to properly work on a forum so do give me a heads up if I grate on your nerves with my formatting or something. At least if this thread doesn't get lost in the shuffle.
  9. Never really used the forum before by why not. So many wiser than me to help with a problem. That and why not make use of something you have had for 3 years now. Now is the time for the fun to begin!

  10. Just finally found the 1.2 prerelease and while I may or may not have spelled it correctly I will be downloading it to install bugs or not. Because I have been waiting for it and the bugs just add flavor. Keep up the good work!
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