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  1. Backstory: After a year and a half of playing around in Cinema 4D and getting the hang of modeling, lighting, camera work, and character rigging/animation, I've dedicated the rest of my summer to working on a Kerbal Space Program animation. What better place to share the grueling process but on the KSP forums? Consider this thread a progress thread where everything that can and will be shared about this project. Those with 3D modeling experience feel free to chime in and give any advice you can. Step 1: Modeling the Rocket The first step I decided to take on was modeling the rocket/lander that was going to be used in the video. While I wanted to design my own awesome lander, I figured that it would be better to take the lander right from the game (with slight modifications). Since I wanted to make this video fit the trailer/advertisement theme I figured having a vehicle that's modeled off of one people can fly in-game would be a nice touch. Here's the lander I will be using for those who haven't explored the stock craft included in the game. Just as a side note, I do not know what Squad's policy on taking 3D models right from the game and using them in animation and I could not find any concrete statement that said yes so I will be recreating all these parts from scratch (with some creative license taken) so I don't violate any of their IP. Step one was modeling the Mk. 2 Lander Can, which is possibly one of the most complex parts of this whole lander, either way here's what I settled on. It's not perfect and there are things that I would change but otherwise, for the purposes of this video it will do. [Note: TEXTURES WILL COME LATER] I have a few more parts finished but a bit of work needs to be done before they are 100% ready. Texturing is going to happen as soon as all the parts are done being modeled. More to this post coming soon!
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