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  1. This sounds on the surface like B9PartSwitch isn't working correctly. Do you have an up-to-date version for your install?
  2. @ProfessorPalpatine Regarding full-length frisbees to orbit ... it can be done. I imagine the intended model is extraplanetary launchpads, but brute force isn't impossible. Its more unwieldy than it is heavy. @kspnerd122 For using the fusion tokamaks for ascent, four of the large static square radiator panels is enough to cool them. The static panels won't break under aerodynamic forces so you can mount them like fins (their aerodynamic usefulness is unclear). I had a spaceplane prototype that mounted them on the dorsal side of the wing with good success.
  3. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Humble Beginnings Preparing for Ground (you are here) Preparing for Ground Investor briefing, 1/13/2021 Greetings investors! Before we begin, I am proud to present our new and improved brand! The marketing team is quite pleased with it. Now with the trimmings out of the way, allow me to get into today’s briefing. In the past week U.S.E.C. has successfully conducted two launches from our complex at Shepard Cape, including a vehicle from our new Very Heavy Launch Platform constructed at pad 17A. Able to support upwards of 800 t
  4. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Humble Beginnings (you are here) Preparing for Ground Humble Beginnings Investor facility tour, 1/7/2021 Greetings investors! We here at U.S.E.C. are thrilled to introduce you to our operations. Chartered in 2019 under the United Kerbin Space Alliance, we specialize in extraplanetary construction & long-term operations in the most extreme, distant, hostile environments known to kerbal. Here at the start of 2021, we are proud to announce the completion of a major milestone in our Phase 1 program: the Mu Gateway space station. I
  5. Between Planetary Base Systems (not Nertea's work) and Space Station Parts Expansion redux (Nertea's work) including some nice landing leg options, base-building should be covered. BTW @Nertea I noticed there's two modulemanager DLLs in the NFAero release on github (haven't checked the other mirrors). EDIT: Also caught this on load: duplicate pass identifier [WRN 12:30:14.022] more than one pass specifier detected, ignoring all but the first: NearFuturePropulsion/Patches/Waterfall/NearFuturePropulsionWaterfallHallEffect/@PART[ionArgon-0625]:NEEDS[Waterfall]:FOR[NearFuturePro
  6. My CMTV (cismunar transfer vehicle) is pretty straight forward to replicate. Cabin + adapter from SSPXr, command pod from NFSpacecraft (stock pod also substitutes), tanks & engines from CryoEngines, structural paneling & misc. retextures from Restock. Here's another view if you want to try to rebuild it: Note: the top flat adapter is covered in 24 PX-STAT solar panels for power generation and there's four small radial batteries (the 100s) tucked up behind the structural panels. I found I need to have more battery storage to complete a lunar orbit without going zero-power and
  7. Check out these high quality digs ... And yes, they're already merge requested in for next release. Turns out the font for "PKMC" is not available for free, so I had to recreate it entirely with geometry (which would be easier if I had the software & skills to do vector art). That was of course made possible by having an original. The full words I found a very similar font for free. It's not perfectly 1:1 but I think it looks slick. I made a few different versions: black on transparent, white on black, gray on blue gradient. Aside from being merged to the mod extras, I
  8. There's no true fission torch in the mod. The closest thing to that would be the nuclear salt water rocket. The three true torches are the Fresnel mirror-cell fusion engine (the entry-level torch), the Cascade axial-flow z-pinch fusion engine, and the Frisbee beam-core antimatter annihilation engine. Those three are hilariously strong because balance is a relative concept when dealing torch drives.
  9. There is definitely a logo and we can see it in the technical images in the FFT release album. I second making it into a flag when Nertea comes back from well-deserved vacation time. And speaking of vacationing time for him, I want to use that to hijack this thread briefly for my own tangentially related purposes. I wanna talk about these engines. Not the fusion tokamaks, the nuclear jet engines. I want people's opinions on the jet engines from NFAero, particularly when in use with Mk4 system (since they were originally a part of that). I personally have my own gripes with the ba
  10. I have been immortalized in the release album!
  11. The three torches are beam-core antimatter annihilation, gas dynamic mirror-cell fusion, and zeta-pinch axial-flow fusion engines. These are the three at have both good thrust power and insane delta-V, something everything else must choose between.
  12. Hammertong is able to produce dV numbers that approach that of the torch drives, but it has absolutely nada in terms of thrust. I think it's base TWR with just the engine and a tiny smidgen of fuel is like 0.3 and it only gets worse as you add mass. Now that said, it doesn't take a whole lot of fuel to get these numbers and if running it deuterium-rich, it has better helium-3 efficiency than both fusion torches. The torches are still ultimately in a league of their own, but the Hammertong is the only non-torch engine that can remotely compete in terms of dV. In a career environment, it may hav
  13. KJR pretty much stabilized the stack when I launched it. My stack was only like 15 parts top to bottom too. The biggest spot I was worried about flexing was the interstage because I was using a step-down upper stage with clustered engines. I was coupling 7.5 meter cores to a 5 meter cluster mount and that sometimes doesn't like to stay rigid but KJR usually keeps it where its supposed to be. And of course @CDSlice is right in that puller config only helps if your rocket behaves like a noodle rather than a rocket. KJR of course fixes that. I would dare say KJR is basically required when us
  14. Not with that attitude. @SpaceFace545 it looks something like this: It ain't pretty but it works.
  15. I finally played with the afterburning mode on the Cascade. I think its safe to conclude the thing is absolutely insane. Nailing down a precise fuel mixture is proving a bit tricky so I opted for a slight surplus of fusion fuel. I can either run a reactor off of that (overkill for tank cooling) or have a slight buffer for reaction products mode if I run out of hydrogen mid-mission. Its only like 4,000 dV buffer but that's all you need to save a mission. Oh and I think I broke the embeds in my previous post while cleaning up my imgur so uh, RIP. Have a new album instead. full album
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