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  1. The new EX will have some interchangeability but I can't stress enough that the whole purpose of the Orbiter in this Mod, is that the wings blend into the body into an aerodynamic delta. Something not possible with kit parts, KSP stock, or other mods. That being said since I've learned a lot since the first mod, you can expect some parts to be symmetrical along the X, possibly Y, so you can use them with Radial Symmetry or Surface Attachment in other mods. Several major components will have radial symmetry, I can't list which ones since I'm still in the process of putting them togeth
  2. KSO EX work continues I had to limit my time in the past couple months due to work. However I'm back to working on the project. I haven't posted updates since a lot of stuff was UVW related. Basically, going back in and giving areas (such as areas with text) a larger spot on the UVW map so we don't get so much distortion if the textures are compressed. For example, the new SSME texture can be made smaller and still look ok while the text on the nozzle remains readable. But yes KSO EX work continues after a break I'll have something visual to show soon!
  3. New EX is like 75% modular, you can build it however you wish. You'll just have to rotate the rcs or add more depending. However as my post stated the Rear end is not modular and the firewall in the rear will have its tiles made in a way where they properly sculpt around the RCS modules as if fitted as shown in my preview shots. So if you decide to put two rudders on it, you'll have to either put them on top the RCS modules (totally doable), move the RCS modules (such as just use one instead of two) or move things around. The "skin" of the rear end won't have details on it like the super 25 di
  4. Wow this blew up, my sincere apologies to everyone for not checking back. Will also answer questions sent to my box (which I also appreciate). KSO Standard (released in late 2013?) and KSO "Super" 25 (released in 2014-early 2015) Nazari will be taking ownership of those two shuttle project files once the EX is complete and released. He will continue to keep them up to date as his time and discretion allows. They will no longer be a part of the KSOS Mod for KSP, making sure that is clear since I don't want folks upset in the future when the KSO EX drops. The 3D Models and
  5. It's not an issue of not wanting to add more people perse, it's really just me not wanting to be swamped with the same reports Basically, back in the day when Nazari had just signed on to just put the original KSO into KSP, I thought I was going to have to be more involved in the Unity -> KSP process. But since he took over the actual internal parts of the KSO, config files and all the other stuff, the amount of people needed to test became less and less. The main requirement for testers was to test behavior of how the shuttle would interact with other mods and other situations using p
  6. Either that or you really should use KAS if they've updated it.
  7. You'll have to elaborate. Windows version works fine? What do you mean by that? Thanks!
  8. Could also be he suffers from the same bug other folks have with the ADI/HUD in KSOS. We never really solved that.
  9. Double check op. Should be a link for KSOS Complete, Manual Install.
  10. Kerbal Stuff link. https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/591/Kerbin%20Shuttle%20Orbiter%20System
  11. looks like you have an outdated version of RPM. Make sure you have the newest included in 4.12
  12. A Curse mirror will be up soon. We're currently cleaning up my master file library to make sure it includes some fixes. 4.12 will be up tonight once Mediafire stops being lame.
  13. Do to the significant differences, it would be Block 5 "Blocks" don't necessarily change the internals (unlike version or variant A, B, C, F etcetera) instead it changes configuration. Although in the U.S. a production run will usually have it's own block. For example you could have different blocks (Block 50/52) of an F-16C and F-16D.
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