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  1. Banned for too many ponies. Show some restraint!
  2. I do not. The user below me does not own KSP on Steam, like me.
  3. Banned because I cannot allow such devious colors to be used in text.
  4. Banned because Chilled Chaos' stream just ended
  5. Banned because it has been a while since someone has posted here.
  6. Call me Ferdinand Makerbal! Actually... no... The user below be enjoys messing with people.
  7. I might be... The user below me takes medicine.
  8. False. I don't own a car. The user below me enjoys philosophy.
  9. 10/10 We're friends, and it's magical! *Puns*
  10. Banned for muddying the waters. Literally.
  11. Pros: Best mechanic ever Cons: Improving technology too fast is dangerous. The ability to blink and be completely rested.
  12. 1/10 I've seen you once a long time ago.
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