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  1. From the two player reports earlier, I found a nasty bug in the beta of CNC+CNM where few invalid ground stations would be created persistently throughout player session until exit, on top of the valid ground stations. It is possibly the same errors you encountered after installing this beta. JNSQ and KK are merely victims of the bug once I reproduced it in CNC+CNM build. For the stripped-down game, I looked through the log and could not find any clue to explain why the CNC launcher button is not shown in Tracking Station or Flight Map Mode. Any idea you may have?
  2. Hi, if possible, kindly provide the logs you checked. I would like to find out what CNC version you used and whether CommNet Manager is installed. Thanks. Hi, based on your log, CNC 1.5.4 is standalone (have own CommNet infrastructure) and does not utilise CommNet Manager. Having both CNC and CNM on your installation will cause mod conflicts, including NullReference spam. Short time ago, I created a new CNM port of CNC 1.5.7 but it only runs on KSP 1.11 due to 1 important KSP change introduced.
  3. I poked around in JNSQ and KK (without CNC installed) and could not figure out which models are CommNet ground stations. They seem like normal models to place in KK editor mode. Can you help to explain how you set up those KK ground stations? Thanks Edit: Found the KK parameter setting of CommNet ground stations and the facility-type function function of a model.
  4. Based on the codebase (link), each vessel has a sorted list of all valid paths, which is sorted in ascending by path length. Generally, RemoteTech will take the first path from this sorted list as working connection. I saw few code sets using conditions to select a path from the list, not necessarily the shortest path. By the way, I think you should be interested to know that each antenna of a vessel has own process (link) of transmitting science data, based on science packet size, interval and cost. Basically, if you click "Transmit all science" button in Part Action Menu of one antenna
  5. Hi, RemoteTech pathfinding logic will find the shortest path among all possible paths from a destination to source, even if there is a better but longer link. This problem is complicated by the fact that all links are on same plane regardless of vessel purposes. Also, link power (signal strength) is not considered by RemoteTech which just looks at the distance if I understand your description correctly.
  6. Hi, did you manage to get it work by trying few workarounds discovered by other players? Switch to another save (even fresh save) and back to your save? Quit and re-launch the game? If none is working, please provide the Player.log per log section of guideline.
  7. Indeed, it is very strange. I checked the codes for toolbar button and it didn't have any condition on when you can't click. I will look into this problem and the bug you reported in CNC+CNM later. For your request, you can go into "CNC: Communication" button of probe core and de-select specific antenna(s) in "Antenna Selection" tab to turn off.
  8. Hi, your KSP.log is fine. It has this line "[ERR 14:34:35.160] [CommNet Constellation] Error: CNCCommNetScenario - Conflict with third-party CommNet mod(s)! Please remove this or other mod(s)" and I suspect it may be a new bug in the beta of CNC+CNM. Can you remove CNC1.5.7+CNM and install the official CNC 1.5.7 (linky)? I looked at your other mods and they should not have any CommNet feature. Thanks
  9. Hi, your log seems to say CommNetConstellation (CNC) was uninstalled and there aren't any CNC log printed in your last play. Can you upload a different log, Player.log per log section of guideline, please? Just to be sure, KK is Kerbal Konstructs? The NullRefs errors are likely due to incomplete information of KK ground stations and I need to take a look at their configs. The other bug of blank ground station name in the signal strength list is fixed.
  10. Correct, the statement is actually interactive depending on the checkbox. It will be "Planets and moons will not block a signal" if it is ticked. Otherwise, it will be "Planets and moons will block a signal". Thanks for the logs. According to the logs, RemoteTech version in your KSP 1.9 is 1.9.10 for KSP 1.11. The errors are because of KSP 1.11 interface changes that not in KSP 1.9 You will need to use RemoteTech 1.9.6 for KSP 1.9 (linky)
  11. In this case, please provide Player.log, per log guidelines for investigation. KSP being 1.9 far from 1.11 could mean anything and I request for this log to analyse. Thanks!
  12. Beta 2 of CommNet Constellation + CommNet Manager I ported this mod to utilize the common CommNet infrastructure, managed by CommNet Manager, instead of own infrastructure. This means other mods running CommNet Manager can work fine with this mod. Also, it will work on your player save as if nothing is changed. Please back up your save first before trying out! Progress Update Recompiled for KSP 1.11.1 No performance issue found from profiling No gameplay issue or bug found so far Requirements CommNet Constellation (down
  13. The antennas deactivated by HBNT won't activate automatically unless WAKE is scheduled in future to activate the antennas again. Do note WAKE will only target the antennas deactivated by HBNT. If you try WAKE the antenna that you manually deactivate, it won't be activated. I am not sure if you are aware of the THLD function. THLD will put the vessel in special power mode where the antennas will automatically deactivate if vessel battery falls too low, and activate if vessel battery is charged enough. Hi, please provide Player.log, per log guidelines for investigation.
  14. Thanks for your interesting results. The issue is how deployable ground parts operate. The deloyable control station is treated as CommNetVessel instead of the deployable comm dish. My preliminary investigation indicates it would need a lot of code work to just make the comm dish as CommNetVessel. The justification for this is very weak, given the narrow scope of deployable ground parts.
  15. Yes, CNC should see an additional CNConstellationAntennaModule and shows the second "CNC: Setup" or similar button in Part Action menu. You can experiment it. It should not make your player save irreverible.
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