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  1. Hi, each antenna has own button "Transmit all science" that will transmit all science experiments stored in all science parts, based on its science packet details. If you click "Transmit" button on the experiment popup, KSP will randomly pick any working antenna to transmit, which is obviously sub-optimal. However, the science packet information on all the antennas, included the orange giant one, is more or less same, and not really diversified. So you will face the same transmission bandwidth on all the antennas.
  2. Sorry, you are correct. You will need to visit each unloaded vessel in flight so that KSP can update and save that vessel with missing part modules, include CNC ones. Hi, RemoteTech is not compatible with CNC so you can only choose either CNC (improved CommNet) or RemoteTech (higher player control and difficulty)
  3. This command center requires RC-L01 part and minimum 6 Kerbals to work, as shown below.
  4. Hi @DY_ZBX, I found this little-known interface that allows the antenna targeting in Map View or Tracking Station. This is why the target window disappears when switching to Map View. Please use this inteface instead.
  5. Hey, thanks a lot for demonstrating the bug. I found the root cause but fixing it turns out to be more complicated than I thought. I am trying to fix it.
  6. Yes, this is the stock probe core but you need to be aware that RemoteTech adds internal antenna of 3 km range to all probe cores for short range comm. Hi, I tested the antenna target window at my side without any issue. The info window only disappears when mouse cursor is hovering on No Target or Active Vessel entries. Do you have any reproduction steps to trigger your issue?
  7. Hi, my apology for delayed response. Please provide output_log.txt at C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal space Program Your problem description indicates a massive mod-version difference on KSP version between since the version 1.4 is for KSP 1.7.x. Making Less History disables 2 ground stations (Dessert and Larkes), causing NRE spam when CNC tried to read those stations. As per dtoxic recommended, I pushed the fix yesterday to exclude any disabled ground station. Many thanks for your impression details. You can try the latest build with the new interface of upgrading a ground station. Briefly, when you start a new game, all ground stations are at Tech Level 0, except for KSC which starts at Tech Level 1 and is upgraded via KSC scene. Through the new interface, it costs Funds to upgrade a ground station (except for KSC): Tech Level 0 - 0 DNS power Tech Level 1 - 3.1M DNS power and Funds 100,000 to upgrade from 0 to 1 Tech Level 2 - 20M DNS power and Funds 300,000 to upgrade from 1 to 2 Tech Level 3 - 60M DNS power and Funds 900,000 to upgrade from 2 to 3 UpgradeableGroundStationCosts, UpgradeableGroundStationPowers and default ground-station list are configurable in the CNC setting file. For some of your questions, I do not touch the altitude of a ground station and it seems like meters from sea level. I keep the tech level to max 3 in alignment with KSC's tracking station levels (1 to 3). Hope this clarifies.
  8. Hi, I pinpointed to the mod conflict to the CommNetVessel class. SignalDelay implemented own CommNetVessel subclass, SignalDelayVesselModule, but CNC has own CommNetVessel subclass, CNCCommNetVessel. Due to the way KSP's CommNet runs, only 1 class of CommNetVessel can be allowed at a time, resulting in all vessels having SignalDelayVesselModule in the reporter's play session. This causes problems on CNC side as it can't find CNCCommNetVessel in a vessel. Unfortunately, there is no easy resolution to the 1-class problem.
  9. Yah, I tested and confirmed CNC 1.5.3 is compatible with KSP 1.8.1. The main difference between KSP 1.8.X and 1.9.X is cosmetic. Please assist to provide output_log.txt for further investigation. This error generally happens on outdated antenna data, like you found out with force-update with the antenna config.
  10. Hi, Parts of this feature were actually implemented in RT2 codebase few months ago. A player would start with non-KCS ground stations at stock locations with Level 0 (no power) to upgrade to Level 3. I think it is good time now to enhance this feature with new 2 MM-patch functions of adding new ground stations and edit the locations, and port whole feature over to CNC.
  11. CommNet Constellation 1.5.3 is out for KSP 1.9.1 Added localization support with initial languages of en-us and zh-cn Added toggling of vessels' orbit lines to colour based on vessel's strongest frequency Fixed critical bug of stock CommNetVessel instances, polluting CNC network of nodes and links Added preventative measure against null antenna range curve due probe core antenna being relay instead of internal Linky
  12. Hi @Zorg and @leatherneck6017, I made a fix to the issue of probe core antenna being set to RELAY instead of INTERNAL. Kindly assist to download the latest develop build and test whether the issue is correctly resolved on your side. Thanks!
  13. Hi, it is not compatible with CommNetManager currently. There was some progress of integrating CNM with CNC in separate code branch but the main challenge is the correct understanding and application of CNM interactions between CNC and KSP CommNet. Hope this clarifies.
  14. Hi, A new release for KSP 1.9.1 is not necessary for now since the current release is working well with KSP 1.9.1. But there will be a next release for KSP 1.9.1, contained a major fix to the critical bug of relay antenna reported recently.
  15. Hi, Yes, the issue you faced is the exact same one Zorg reported and your NRE spam also origins from this issue. According to my analysis, the problem is happening, regardless of the category and vessel type. I am attempting to fix the underlying root cause in CNC's CommNet layer