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  1. The root range model is min(r1, r2) + sqrt(r1 * r2), where r1 and r2 are the ranges of 2 given antennas. Since the ranges of Com 16 and Mission Control are 1,250,000 m (0.5 antenna range multiplier) and 75,000,000 m (1.0 mission control range multiplier), the max range under the root model is about 11,000,000 m. It is almost close to Mun's distance from Kerbin, 11.4 Mm. The setting of tracking station upgradable range is only applicable when the tracking station is upgraded. So toggling the setting on max-leveled tracking station has no effect on current 75 Mm range of mission control. Hope this clarifies. Sorry, it is not possible to de-couple the flight computer as it is quite rooted in the underlying RemoteTech infrastructure. You may try out MechJeb2 as it is a more powerful tool. Here's the list. I am getting RT2 up to the current scope of RT1 first. I will consider this new input fields of Flight Computer window for PID when I have found some time. Repeated PID tweaking is getting annoying, every time new KSP version is released. Do you have any suggestion for the new input fields? May I have your full output_log file for further investigation, please?
  2. Because of the remote-controlling nature, player inputs can be only intentionally passed to the target moving part while the stock action route is blocked. However, this limitation is only applicable to remote connections and the manned vessel (under local control) should not experience this limitation (I haven't checked yet).
  3. RemoteTech 1.9.3 and for KSP 1.7.3 and 1.3.1 released This release is an update for Breaking Ground Expansion plus couple of quality-of-life improvements. What are fixed/changed: Support for robotic parts and Custom Axis Groups introduced by Breaking Ground Expansion Limited support for deployable ground parts (Omni 400km range to control station only) Improved PID Controller on torque forces Persistent position of Flight Computer window across play sessions Complete changelog is below: If you find any bug, please report them on our github (as it is hard to keep track of bugs here). Feedback is also welcome for the next release, here or on this post. We are in the RT 2.x branch development and continue to support the RT 1.x branch.
  4. This is one of the common discussion points, which we conclude it would be eventually discouraging because of the tedious management and recovery. It is doable but I haven't seen much enthusiasm on this feature over time. It is displaying of connections only. You can safely ignore this error if it does not impact your gameplay or network correctness.
  5. Hi, if I read your non-dependency statement right, you only need to check if RemoteTech's API class is available to call (linky). Within this API, you can use two methods, HasAnyConnection to check if the vessel has working signal, and HasLocalControl to skip manned-crewed vessels.
  6. Yes, RT 1.9.2 is working fine with Breaking Ground, included robotic parts, except for non-response ground station parts and remote-controlling hydraulic parts. The next version will be mostly robotic fixes and support for the stations. You need to toggle this setting in RemoteTech_Settings.cfg in your save folder. FCOffAfterExecute = False What it will do is to turn off Flight Computer after executing a maneuver command.
  7. Hi, just a quick update on new RT version for Breaking Ground expansion. I gonna to wait until 1.7.3 with bunch of fixes and changes to see if the robotic and science station issues are resolved.
  8. It is not really bug. Both NODE and EXEC commands are separate operations. Once EXEC command starts, preceding NODE command will be removed. THis EXEC command has own NODE tracking rather than depending on external NODE command. Sorry, I am not familiar with RP-1 to advise on the ground station unlocking. But I thought all ground stations are supposed to be shown immediately at the beginning? Like something "dsn.cfg" in RemoteTech or RP folder in GameData?
  9. @kcs123 Wow, you are right. This signal modulation is too complicated and not something I or non-technical players can understand in short time. But I agree on the distance and signal-to-noise ratio being good factors of signal quality, in which this is why I use the theorem for clear understanding (I think?). It is the global position of the craft (x,y and z) so you better come up with a way to float your radio station above surface (maybe a balloon?) Sorry, you need to check with Kerbalism team and provide the save to replicate the error. It looks like unexpected result is generated when calling RT's API (HasDirectGroundStation) on a given craft.
  10. So this is what the signal modulation is utilized for. I had trouble of understanding the modulation uses, other than increasing the bit rate per wave. Analog/digital signals seem to be boiled down to the frequencies (1 to 100 Ghz) used, which strongly influence the desired properties of signal, isn't it? You could try out the comm model implementation once it is implemented sufficiently to be public for feedback. The realism of the RT2 comm model has to be verified in actual gameplay before further enhancement could be made. All I have is a theoretical paper with zero experiment results.
  11. Signal strength is not very good indicator on radio signal quality, especially if you want to planning a timed transmission of big science dataset. Shannon–Hartley theorem will be the end-result formula to calculate the data rate at the receiving end. I will quote this from the example section of RT2 thesis. Basically, major inputs for the theorem are (1) signal power received, (2) noisy space conditions the signal propagated through and (3) frequencies. With these (most of?) factors known, you can budget for downlink rates on science transmissions in opportunistic windows. I am not sure if the analog and digital types are related to the following planned overhaul. All the antenna parts in the tech tree are to given additional attributes required for RT2 comm model: (1) surface area, (2) antenna efficiency and (3) frequency restrictions (not exhaustive list). The earliest antenna would be primitive with lousy attributes, and higher-tier antennas would be better in attributes and additional abilities (phased array?). Folks in RSS domain say RT2 comm model is more realistic than their current reworking (CommNet-based RealAntennas). I managed to provide limited support to the deployable science parts: 400km Omni range to control station Connection will be lost if the science cluster has insufficient or no power Unable to support the dish part as it is not physically linked to the control station (unlike a LEGO-style vessel) Much of the science part codes are unmoddable to control the background deployed science transmissions (it will transmit in background regardless of RT connection). Right now, it requires too much work for little results from this.
  12. No, it is not. The design choice of deployable science parts is strange and doesn't conform to a typical vessel design we modder are familiar with. Its power is just 0 or 1 and parts are not physically linked. I am trying to get RemoteTech to work with the science stations but I am not optimal.
  13. There is the separate signal delay mod for CommNet at this thread. It is working fine with CNC mod. ---- CommNet Constellation 1.4 is out for KSP 1.7.1 Supported deployable controller and dish of Breaking Ground expansion (should work fine in KSP without the expansion) No more blurry interface textures if your texture resolution setting is not full Scroll lists will start at top instead of middle. Linky
  14. FYI, you can export your installed mods to a shareable .ckan file The error requires BetterBurnTime, CNC and Signal Delay to happen. If I remove BBT, CNC works fine. If I remove Signal Delay, CNC works fine. I am not even sure if I can resolve this combination. You may have to remove BBT.
  15. @bulletrhli Your point 2 is not bug. This is the popup property of blocking everything except the popup area until the popup is dismissed. What are your list of mods? It seems there is an external interference because I see no conflict between Signal Delay and CNC on my side (KSP+CNC+SD only) so far.