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  1. Hey, thanks for showing. Based on my tests and log analysis, it seems something is going wrong on your side related to combination of KK, JNSQ and unknown third-party mod(s). Near the beginning of your log, JNSQ ground stations are added with proper data, included human-readable names, like my own game does. But near the end of your log, JNSQ ground stations were erroneous with non-sense names like "AirBaseS00A_transmitter_mast_0" instead of "Airbase S00A" plus invalid CelestialBody errors. I dont see any obvious mod in your mod list that may cause mod conflict and I can't replicate the data issue on my side. Do you have any idea how it could happen on your side?
  2. Hi, it was static charge accumlated in my "dying" graphic card and my PC is fine now after I de-charged it. I keep it at low-power setting to be sure it is really static charge, not actual dying. According to your log, KK ground stations below were added by KerbalKonstructs(?) On my side, I enabled the KK setting of additional ground stations but it doesn't seem to add any of the additional stations and I saw only stock stations. Can you show how to trigger the addition, please? Thanks
  3. It should be able to see a stock antenna part fine, like this antenna (and power generation) requirement satisfied below. The additional functions, included frequency segregation, from CNC do not change this stock contact in any way. Any chance your antenna part is not stock? Reskinned or mod antennas may be not recognizable to the stock contract.
  4. Hi dave1904, Thanks for the GameData folder. Per discussed, I am trying to replicate the issue on your folder and save on my side. I added more preventative checks based on what I found so far, hopefully to prevent this issue from happening again. Hi, can you give the name of this contract pack mod? If I remember right, there is no contract pack specifically for CNC.
  5. Thanks, I confirmed none of CommNet frequency values is blank in your save, and saw no obvious conflict with your other mods. As such, I added new more preventative checks related to the error. Please replace your CNC copy with CommNetConstellation_5Jan2022. You will still need CommNetManager mod. Do let me know if no more spam is generated for you. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I will take a look at your save. Can you check that your drive link is set to public access? It is returning access denied message and access request when I click your link. Thanks
  7. Hi @dave1904, Your error log is saying at least 1 frequency on one of your comm vessels is blank i.e. "Frequency = " instead of expected "Frequency = <number>". Can you check your certain save file for this pattern below, and put back your frequency, say default 0? MODULE { name = CNConstellationAntennaModule isEnabled = True Frequency = 1 // HERE should be non-blank OptionalName = InUse = True CosAngle = -1 stagingEnabled = True EVENTS { } ACTIONS { } UPGRADESAPPLIED { } }
  8. Beta 4 of CommNet Constellation + CommNet Manager I ported this mod to utilize the common CommNet infrastructure, managed by CommNet Manager, instead of own infrastructure. This means other mods running CommNet Manager can work fine with this mod. Also, it will work on your player save as if nothing is changed. Please back up your save first before trying out! Progress Update Allow an arbitrary number of upgrades for ground stations in cnc_settings.cfg Fix bug of valid connection displayed in wrong constellation colour Recompiled against KSP 1.12.2 Important: Development and bug fixing is on hold due to my dying graphic card and global chip shortage. Requirements CommNet Constellation + Patched CommNet Manager (download) ModuleManager 4.2.1 Request Please let me know on any issue found. There can be one remaining beta before releasing to the wide audience officially. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, sorry for my prolonged absence. My graphic card is dying since last August, and the integrated GPU in my 2015 Intel CPU is not great. I am not able to find a reasonable graphic card replacement in light of the on-going global chip shortage. Basically, I had to pause my mod development and fixing on hold for the time being. Over this weekend, I will re-compile first against KSP 1.12.2, check if it starts with no error, and release a next official version. I will take look at new bug reports and queries at a later point. Thanks
  10. Hi @panarchist, Thanks for the ping. Hi all, sorry for my prolonged absence. My graphic card is dying since last August, and the integrated GPU in my 2015 Intel CPU is not great. I am not able to find a reasonable graphic card replacement in light of the on-going global chip shortage. Basically, I had to pause my mod development and fixing on hold for the time being. But what I can do over this weekend is to re-compile, check if it starts with no error, and release another beta of CNC+CommNet Manager for latest KSP 1.12.2. Also, do let me know if you would like another official CNC release without CommNet Manager i.e. 1.5.8 after last official version 1.5.7. Thanks
  11. Do share the antenna setup of those Kerbin satellites. I want to know what makes them different from the Mun ones. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the screenshots. I replicated your exact scenario on my side. I think these 3 relays actually have direct-relay (purple) or relay-relay (purple) connections between each other but are shown as wrong colour (pink) instead of purple. I need more tests on this to be sure before I fix this. Thanks
  13. From what I tested on direct and relay antennas, I think you are right on color. On full strength, it will show the chosen color but towards 1 strength bar, the redness will be shown. This is the behaviour of stock CommNet This image shows on the outer comm ring, low-strength (more redness) direct connections between all 4 vessels, each with 1 direct antenna of 500k and 1 relay antenna of 5M on green-color channel "Two". If this is not correct, I need more details so that I can replicate on my side. I took a look at the codebase of RealAntennas and it indeed replaces the commnet system with its own by deleting all stock ground stations and creating new stations. This is not something I would like to do because CNC is intended to enhance the stock commnet system.
  14. Hi, I verified it is working on the latest release. With 1 Comm-16 activated, the max range is 2.5Mm. With all 4 Comm-16 activated, the max range is 10Mm. Part Action Menu could need connection statistics like this. I will look into this later. Sorry, RemoteTech and CommNet are incompatible and Remote Pilot cannot be turned on. But you can add 1-Kerbal remote command to a probe core, say RC-001S Remote Guidance Unit, in RemoteTech_Squad_Probes.cfg. It will give your parent craft with at least 1 kerbal inside to remotely control.
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