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  1. Hi, sorry for this prolonged response. I took a look at your problem report and suspect that specific file is not the root cause of the NullException spam. The file does not have the capability to trigger the issue, and all it does is new Dang-It configuration on antenna deployable. I believe it may be due to the additional planets of third-party mod with incomplete information required by CommNet. Please try this develop build to see if NullException spam does not happen on your side. I add another preventive measure.
  2. It seems this antenna part is belonged to ReStock+. NFE doesn't have compatibility patch for it and similar other mods (basically not supported). I only made CNC compatibility patch for NFE.
  3. Hi, Based on your screenshot, both "Consept Doc X I" and "Consept Doc X I Probe" have same freq 500 so they should have the red connection between them, assumed their antennas of freq 500 are activated. But I need your output_log.txt to investigate how CNC determines the power and frequency for each vessel. Thanks. CNC has the compatibility patch for NearFuture Exploration since 1.5.2 and I verified on my test installation the stock and NFE antennas are still working as designed. However, I am curious about your last statement "adds the "Class X Direct/Relay Antenna
  4. RemoteTech 1.9.8 for KSP 1.10.1 released This release is a recompilation for KSP 1.10.1 Shared Hozrion with few changes What are fixed/changed: Fixed PID issue of wobbling vessels with very low torque-mass ratio New Flight Computer functionality of ignoring pitch/heading/rolling controls (eg an ascending rocket set to heading only) Complete changelog is below: If you find any bug, please report them on our github (as it is hard to keep track of bugs here). Feedback is also welcome for the next release, here or on this post. We are in the RT 2.x branch deve
  5. Hi, it is available on CKAN, about 1 hour after the official release. Please verify that your ckan has KSP version of 1.10.xxxxx ticked in the "Compatible KSP Versions" setting.
  6. RemoteTech 1.9.7 for KSP 1.10 released This release is an update for KSP 1.10 Shared Hozrion. What are fixed/changed: Support for NearFuture Exploration (min 1.0.7) Support for 2 new probe core parts of KSP 1.10 Support for Universal Storage 2 You can set and save the target of a dish antenna in VAB or SPH prior to a launch Complete changelog is below: If you find any bug, please report them on our github (as it is hard to keep track of bugs here). Feedback is also welcome for the next release, here or on this post. We are in the RT 2.x branch
  7. Hi @Shizen, Thanks for your feedback. Please see the updated sheet and my comments below. 1. The Ax-5 and the F-DA are so similar there does not need to be 2 of them. [TaxiService] AX-5 is demoted and made an attractive entry-level dish. 2. The D-2 Spot and the RA-00-2 are also too similar. Only one is needed. [TaxiService] D-2 is made an attractive entry-level dish for ksync orbit 3. The RA-X2 at first glance seems overly powerful considering its massive angle and low relative power cost. Also i don't think you need such a large antenna angle considering the range is t
  8. Hi, apologies for this late response. May I have your output_log.txt for further investigation, please? I analyzed the KSP behaviour of adding a large assembly to a craft, and it seems the assembly is created or removed, as if it is in launch loading screen. Although your KSP is hanging up when creating the assembly of large part count (I tested as many as 171 parts) in 1 go, I am not convinced that this is why it took some minutes and generates huge log chucks.
  9. CommNet Constellation 1.5.5 is out for KSP 1.10 Recomplied for KSP 1.10 Linky
  10. Yes, this is why your issue occurred with this setting. A new update is committed to CNC to be aware of this setting when initializing extra ground stations or not. Hi, There is no plan for signal delay. It is fully compatible with NFE mod. It is not compatible with Commnet Antennas Consumption.
  11. Hi, I identified the potential culprit - CommNet option of enabling ground stations in the KSP settings. I forgot about this setting when implementing the recent-introduced functionality of custom ground stations. Does it happen to be disabled on your side?
  12. Hi, thanks so much. Based on your log, it is likely a third-party CommNet mod modifying KSP's CommNet functionality so I implemented additional protection against NullReferenceException spam in CNC mod. Feel free to try out the latest CNC build.
  13. Hi, thanks for your logs. I can't find any information that explains why the nullreferenceexception occurs when switching to Tracking Station or Flight scene. If you would like to help further, please download this debug-enabled build and re-trigger the nullreferenceexception on your side. This special build will print out in output_log.txt where the exception happened within the suspected code area. Thanks.
  14. Hi, thanks for the installation information. RealSolarSystem removed most of stock ground stations, resulting in CNC unable to add new ground stations. Can you try out the new dev build contained the fix? With it, I can see "Marsya Base" ground station added. By the way, "RSS_CommNet_Stations.cfg" seems to work in CNC though the names are empty Can you help to provide the output_log.txt for further investigation? This log is telling either CNC setting not available or missing station information.
  15. Hi, I would like to take a look at your RSS patch on my side. Which mods do I need to install, beside CNC and RSS? Thanks.
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