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  1. v0.8.0 released with some performance improvements.
  2. v1.4.5 released which is just a rebuild for KSP 1.3.0.
  3. EasyVesselSwitch 1.3.0 is compatible with KSP 1.2.2 through 1.3.99.
  4. Probably, but likely won't happen anytime soon.
  5. Need logs and the bug reproducible in a clean install with only Hot Spot and Module Manager installed. See: Also, create a file in your GameData directory (that ends with .cfg) with the follow content to enable debug logging: @HOT_SPOT:NEEDS[HotSpot]:AFTER[HotSpot] { %DIAGNOSTICS { %logLevel = Debug } }
  6. v0.7.2 released which fixes a compatibility issue with the ToolbarWrapper and Contract Configurator. Thanks to @plague006 for pointing it out.
  7. v1.4.4 released which fixes a bug with setting the default control mode to Plane in the SPH.
  8. v0.7.1 has been released with KSP 1.2.0 compatibility.
  9. v1.4.3 released with KSP 1.2.0 compatibility. You didn't miss it, it hasn't been requested yet. As I don't use Blizzy's Toolbar myself I likely won't be adding support myself but I'd probably accept any pull request to do so.
  10. Can you download the mods from SpaceDock directly? SpaceDock has had specific geographical issues with its CDN before:
  11. It works perfectly fine for me so you need to provide more information than "it doesn't work".
  12. Hopefully the last update for today, v1.4.2 fixes an issue using the AppLauncher button to switch control modes.
  13. Quick v1.4.1 update to fix some NullReferenceExceptions and make the context menu item more stock-like.
  14. v1.4.0 has been released which combines the two context menu items (control mode display and toggle button) into a single item to save space.
  15. [1.3.1] Realistic Atmospheres

    Excellent, will definitely give this a shot.