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  1. it's been confusing me too, I wish ID would give some relevant advice instead of a single sentence
  2. Interesting, They don't show up in sandbox mode though, would not being in the tech tree influence that?
  3. yeah...I know but the transmission isn't showing in the SPH and your crafts wont load because of "Locked or Invalid parts"
  4. The transmissions are not showing up in the part menu, but they have files in the mod, I noticed some differences in the CFG but I couldn't fix it, any help? EDIT: also, the model file is a .dae not .mu, Idk if that makes a difference
  5. what i meant by in front was on top above the nose and any observation point in the aircraft, resembling a shark's dorsal fin
  6. Thank you for the illustration that really helps me understand why.
  7. okay okay no reason to get snippy, im just curious as to how a rudder ON TOP of your plane gets in the way IN FRONT of it, thanks again!
  8. I don't understand, am I supposed to take that seriously?
  9. Hey guys! I'm sure you read the title already so I'll just get on with it, while building SSTO's I noticed that I can't always place the rudder behind the center of mass because the extra engines move it so far back, so usually I just place it in front and it seems to work fine, it made me wonder why airplanes in real life all have a rudder on the tail, and what drawbacks having one closer to the nose of the plane made them decide not to utilize it. Thanks for the help!
  10. Alright thanks! I've heard of both of them before but now I'll check them out. UPDATE: I love the Rollkage mod! finally some drifty wheels It's at least something to hold me over until ICE gets updated.
  11. I'm sure you won't have to look far for support of this amazing mod!
  12. God I can't wait for this in 23.5! I love your work ID, keep making amazing mods!