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  1. xEvilReeperx's post in Saves completely nuked after Kopernicus test was marked as the answer   
    It's possible and even probable that the save you loaded up with Kopernicus isn't easily recoverable but the rest should be salvageable. We'll need your logs to even begin to guess at what has broken them though.
    Edit: Actually I'll just take a swing since it's likely: if the game crashed while saving, it's possible the persistent.sfs of the game you loaded when Kopernicus installed was corrupted and KSP is throwing an unhandled exception while trying to parse it. This will cause a chain reaction of failure: most likely, clicking "Resume game" will  appear to do nothing at all while the log (Alt+F2) prints an exception
    Try moving or deleting that save's folder
  2. xEvilReeperx's post in 32 minutes to load game was marked as the answer   
    It might be the network adapter issue. Try disabling any unused ones (Hamachi is the most likely culprit but there are other possibilities) and see if that helps
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