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  1. I did a livestream where I was able to make kerbin spin so fast that things fell up, so I used kerbal konstructs to place an inverted runway and land on it. So, make a tiny planet with almost no mass, but spinning at the correct speed. then surround it with some constructs to be the walls. Shame you can't walk on them because up is down etc.
  2. Hullo! Both myself and Shadowzone had the idea to recreate bits of 2001 in playable form, so for the last few weeks I've tried to make precision landing and docking missions based around Space Station V, The Orion Shuttle, The Aries 1B, The Munbus, Klavius Base and TMA-1. While Shadowzone put together a stunning kerbalized version of Discovery One and the maintenance pods. All of these have fully scripted missions with dialogue that references the movie, while letting you actually try landing a nuclear powered shuttle on a small landing pad on the Mun. Because the vessels are stock there's a lot of compromises made. The Orion is tiny because it needs to fit inside the space station, which makes it smaller than the Mun Bus where the priority was to make it look like the original model. But the ships never share a scene so the scaling isn't noticeable. Also the space station doesn't spin, maybe a future version of Making History will let us do that. Download the zipfile here::: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GBB4pl1rUCV4pjqTwwR7prp1rYWirCMV
  3. A simple mission I demonstrated on my video preview - test an aircraft under the direction of Gene Kerman https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S4fGIGe1hhgi2UKS4EnsQ_IoTA8jNcVE/view?usp=sharing
  4. Gonna just say - mad props to you all for pushing the limits here, I had fun without seriously trying but now I see I really should have worked harder to be even in the same league as some of these.
  5. I added a few extra constraints - no overlay, SRB's only, no steering, no SAS. All I allowed myself to do was hit space and accelerate time.
  6. So, what would it take to scale this up so we can fit larger vehicles through the middle? Could it be made to work with Tweakscale?
  7. The next question is then how stacking the rings is supposed to work, and why there's no delayed activation behaviour (so control can be switched)
  8. Nah I tried it on 1.1.3 at the start of the stream because my pre-stream testing on 1.2.2 looked broken, but you'll see I switched to 1.2.2 when I showed that the mod behaviour was the same. Not on the livestream but if the projectile is below the ring it smashes into the ring when fired.
  9. This is how it behaves for me - no objects want to enter the core, even when I have no other mods installed.
  10. Playing with this build now, and it no longer seems to work as advertised - for a start the colliders are not donut shaped so nothing can pass through the middle.
  11. I was sure I had this working a few weeks ago, but now it's not detecting anything, and there's nothing in the logs. Anyone know if it's sensitive to versions of other mods which might have been updated in the last couple of weeks. Using the v1.9 Develop DLL with Galileo mod.
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