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  1. try deleting ur config.xml in your /GameData/BOSS/PluginData/BOSS folder. and try again. I cant get this to happen. Also if it does happen. open your config.xml at that point. and paste it in here. I'm thinking maybe over the updates. possibly something got screwed up in that file. As its been sorta changed. EDIT: actually I did get it to happen. Your right for some reason when the UI is opened. Upon scene change it isnt loaded. But thats odd cus, I load the settings on awake(). That's like immediately upon load. It actually says it loads in the debug window. But then when I take a shot it tak
  2. hmm. Do you have the burst fire window open? Because its locked to 1. when that window is open
  3. Okay great. Yeah ill add that to the next release. Its not much to add that.
  4. Awesome I hope thats it. Does anyone have any interest in having that field be a settable option from the UI as well? I could add another field for that.
  5. weird..lemme look.... edit: could it be ur setting ur screenshot key to p? Because that is the default toggle UI key. this can be changed in the config.xml
  6. Okay I made those changes. Until Ted can get the update pushed up heres the dll on github Everything else is the same so just replace your boss.dll in /Gamedata/BOSS/ https://github.com/SyNiK4L/BOSS/raw/master/bin/Debug/BOSS.dll and for anyone who needs the whole updated package. http://coreyjones.info/BOSS2.1.5.zip
  7. Perfect thx for testing it. Also I just made it so there's a label below the text field. That says "invalid key" whenever its wrong. Was quick to implement and looks pretty good. But that would be a great idea. There has to be a way to CAPTURE the key pressed(that is what you mean right?). and set that keys value to the input field. Instead of typing the actual letter that was pressed. I like that idea. I will figure this out and add that in an upcoming release. But anyways. I'm rebuilding this and pushing it up to git. So you guys can grab it quickly if you want and then. and I will rebuild
  8. I got what your saying. But what im saying though. is did you highlight the text and press z? because you cant just backspace. That was the problem. I couldnt get the text to go away either by backspacing. but either way. I just removed that text for now. So in the new build its gone. you have no notification of an invalid key for now though. So just FYI. So you may have to test if they key works. I grabbed that list from here. So they should work. http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/ScriptReference/KeyCode.html Did you try the new one yet?
  9. Can someone on osx or linux try this dll and let me know if that fixes it. I think that should do it. Also removed the invalid text for now. I'll make it add a label below the box stating that the key is invalid. Instead of taking up the box with the text. Thus making it hard to change. Everything else is the same so just replace your boss.dll in /Gamedata/BOSS/ https://github.com/SyNiK4L/BOSS/raw/master/bin/Debug/BOSS.dll
  10. The reason its saying invalid is because you put a key in there that doesnt validate. If you highlight the field and change it back to a key. It will work. Try highlighting the text and hitting z. Im trying to find a better way to let people know how to use that field. As it has to be a valid key to use. Ill take out the invalid thing for now. But know that its not going to work if you dont put a valid key in there. The keys you can use are in the help menu. The saving thing might be why ur settings arent persisting. Im putting out a fix in second
  11. Thanks man. Glad I could help. @katamari. I plan to continue development on it. So it should stay up to date for every new version that comes out. Also have a couple fixes made last night that are going to go in today. To handle persistent saving across scene changes. Well get this up asap
  12. Thats was i was just thinking. I wonder if theres a way to get this setup to push files to github
  13. Yes card. hes right you can currently press Z to take the screenshot. interface-less. Also, the reason it is not saving the supersampling value, is because it is not being saved to the xml. I thought this was made by design. Being that sometimes people like to take 1 or 2 shots, slowly at 4. But would crash the game normally it would crash set at 4. If i hit z a couple times. Like for example,when i'm building my rocket when i have to hit ctrl - z. But this is a feature that is easily addable. If you guys wanted it. Also, like Ted said. The reason you are probably getting those crashes is beca
  14. Hey Ted. Love your work. Been getting some great stuff. Quick question. Any plans to add your button to the Toolbar? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/60863-0-23-0-Toolbar-1-4-2-Common-API-for-draggable-resizable-buttons-toolbar I use your mod all the time now. and it would be great if it was part of the toolbar. Sorry if this has already been asked.
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