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  1. Posted a new version of RealPlume - https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume/releases, shouldn't break much, may want to check out engines that use Hypergolic-OMS-White. Marked as compatible with 1.1, so ckan should pick it up soon. Should also be backwards compatible with 1.0.x as well.
  2. Probably better to make a new thread at this point, with everything going on on my end, I won't really have the opportunity to regularly update this one. You and @Nhawks17 should be able to merge and draft releases.
  3. I still plan on keeping up (when I get time again) the main RealPlume mod, and @sarbian manages SmokeScreen, so that'll stay up to date. I'll see about getting you and Nhawks privileges on the repository so you can post releases and accept pull requests.
  4. It's not dead per se, I've just not had time to work on it in the past month or so. Also 1.1 On which note, if anyone would like to take over maintenance of RealPlume Stock Configs, I'd be happy to hand the reigns over. I know @Nhawks17 and @DerpyFirework have done a lot of work with this, and are likely familiar enough with the architecture of the mod to do upkeep. I've got the pull requests on github incorporated, and released, but I'm afraid my schedule doesn't really allow for more than that at this point. Even when real life settles down a bit, I'll probably go back to spending most of my time on Realism Overhaul, so I'd love to see someone take the reigns and continue the work on the stock configs for RealPlume.
  5. Not quite. The way the particle emitter works, it'll just release all those particles on the same frame, and they'll stay bunched. There's not a super clean way to do it, I kludged in a way into smokescreen, vRandPosOffset, which offsets the particle in the velocity direction a random amount, to help eliminate the line of dots. Example: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume/blob/cc1982fc9534be61e64d892c163893e1fd660697/GameData/RealPlume/000_Generic_Plumes/Hypergolic-OMS-Grey.cfg#L71-L76 - - - Updated - - - Also, if you get something awesome going for the core plumes, feel free to submit it as a PR and I'll add it into the core mod. Always love to see people tinkering with improvements!
  6. On Blizzy's Toolbar, pull up the SmokeScreen button and set the particle count down. In the next version of the mod I'll add an optional patch that removes all smoke.
  7. Don't do it per-engine, that'd be insane. Do it by the kind of plume, then set a color for each kind of plume. If you need to set a brightness, just figure some multiplier on the thrust and ISP.
  8. The colors aren't really defined in the plumes, per se, just which particle object the plume spawns when in use. Probably the easiest way would be to do colors based on the PLUME node, something like: @PART[*]:HAS[PLUME[Kerolox*]:AFTER[RealPlume] { MODULE { name=EngineLighting ..... } } And then determining what color each plume should emit from this page: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealPlume/wiki/PreFabbed-Plumes-and-Screenshots Which brings to my attention that a few of those are out of date. One more thing on the growing to-do list when I get some modding time.
  9. Yes and no, it can't do multiples of the same plume, because the particle effects nodes can only be attached to one engine transform at a time. However, you can use multiple different plumes for that. I typically use something like a Kerolox-Lower and Kerolox-Upper (they're sufficiently similar) or a Kerolox-Vernier if the verniers are small. Make sure you give different powerEffectName to each ModuleEngineFX, correctly associating the right FX with the right engine node.
  10. There should be patches for all the stock engines that adjust the plume if Ven's isn't installed, if some are still not matching up, let me know and I'll get around to fixing it. Eventually...
  11. Eh, Novapunch is bloated, and most of the engines have terrible tankbutt syndrome. You're welcome to configure it, but it's not high on my list for my own configs. Yep, my mistake. It's fixed in 0.8.1
  12. How did you install the mod? If you didn't install via CKAN, double check that you have all the important bits installed. Items you need in your GameData directory for this to work: SolarSailNavigator PersistentThrust ModuleManager.dll If you already have those, we'll have to come up with another troubleshooting step. Nope, requires the vessel to be in focus unfortunately.
  13. Hmm, well, I tried it with the VASIMR from Near Future Propulsion. To be fair, I didn't try it with an engine that uses ModuleEngines. When I get some time I'll try to replicate it with some other scenarios. Module Manager is pretty necessary for this mod to function, without it, the mod won't do anything.
  14. Yeah, you're missing this rather important part of the mod: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/119579-WIP-1-0-4-SolarSailNavigator-v1-0-5-alpha
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