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  1. What have we just learned about certain types of fire and water? You want a foam extinquisher or fire blanket to deal with fluid fires. Oh, btw, the glass cracking could also simply be due to being rapidly cooled. First it's hot, and the water cools part of it down so rapidly that thermal stresses cause it to break.
  2. Never douse fluid combustibles with water. This is what happens: Water mixes with molten wax Water flash-boils Molten wax gets dissipated through the air All the wax reacts with oxygen Violent deflagration
  3. I can't seem to find it, but I recall a quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson that went something like this: "All gravitational sources in the solar system have been accounted for." If there was another mass, our observations would not match with our Newtonian (and relativistic) calculations.
  4. Try this:
  5. I always wondered why we have science without funds, but not funds without science.
  6. No, this entire thing is caused by temperatures raising exponentially with higher speeds. This wasn't the case in 1.0.2. Therefor, you can break quite hard at low velocities, even in dense atmospheres; whereas a thin atmosphere at 8000 m/s is going to be destructively hot. The low density might lower the heat flux, but the immense heat makes up for that and melts everything, especially through long exposures like skimming across a gas giant...
  7. Interesting. I've always assumed this had to do with floating point errors! The good news is that we can tweak our crafts to minimize this effect by changing the root part. My precisely positioned commsats are going to get a revamp!
  8. In the case of remotetech, retracting the antenna makes sure it can be used in atmospheric flight. Not re-entry, but at least it can survive flight, just like stowed solarpanels versus expanded ones.
  9. Have they been to orbit yet? The most valuable achievement per body is what counts.
  10. It's good to bring stuff like this up every now and then. Just the chance of it being answered is already worth it. GP2, never forget.
  11. I only consider SSTO to be viable if we dare to go with nuclear propulsion from ground to orbit. >900 isp is no joke. Bend the rocket equation to your will. Chemical rockets simply don't have enough energy per mass to get high enough isp for an SSTO with over 8 km/s delta-v.
  12. Take a look at remotetech. This mod will ensure that probe cores need an active connection, and commands are executed with a realistic time delay. You need to build comm networks to ensure connection coverage throughout your destinations. They can also be programmed beforehand, for example to execute a certain burn while not connected through the network.
  13. Bumping. Just opened the devnotes again and was greated with horrible background noises coming from 15 screens worth of scrolling down the page.
  14. Whenever I pop into the blog to read the devnotes, suddenly a twitch stream starts making noise. I have to scroll down a mile to pause it. This is very annoying.