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  1. The latest ( , and yes it does as it always has. I'm sure there's no need I have to capture a video of me doing it to prove it. Prove this yourself ingame in stock if you are curious.
  2. Anyway, I'm on windows, this is a desktop, therefore it doesn't have a "Fn" key , the alt key is the right modifier in the game since ALT+F2 (opening debug) works, and googling about this I am not the only one that has this problem. Can anyone think of a solution? ---POST EDIT Ok for the record and I leave this , so it's noted in case someone else has this problem and googles this in the future, I found the solution. GeForce Shadowplay experience (which is isntalled btw in like the vast majority of every gamer nowadays) uses that key to toggle fps on and off by default. Setting it up to something else on geforce experience solves this problem.
  3. Yes all keys work perfectly accoridng the useful link you pasted, again I use the F keys for a lot more than KSP I would have been able to know. I tried also all the alts and control, shifts etc.
  4. I appreciate you trying to help, but it still works as I described, since I just did it before asking about that. And yeah you can't do anything with the batteries off, but you can indeed turn them on. You must have had some sort of addon for this behaviour to happen like that. I'm talking about stock here. I'm pointing it out just in case someone googles this problem and doesn't get misled.
  5. I've been using the function keys in laptops and non-laptops for decades. I know how to press F12 , and when to press Fn modifier in laptops ty. And no it's not working.
  6. Thank you that's all that was needed, sadly I can't open it since I don't have the funds yet to buy it As for the time warp, it's a bug that's been there for a while when you don't have any power generators whatsoever (which is the status when you start from scratch, you just run for as long as she goes with the battery on the initial capsule). If you time warp say to make a mun flyby , your batterys are gone just by being online, so what I do at least to work around these early stages, is turn off the capsule electric resource, and let it fly around with it off. When I drop out of warp I enable it back in. If I dont' do this, by the time you drop out of tiem warp the batteries are depleted. I appreciate the replies but really the bug has been there since the alpha, I don't understand why is it the first time you hear about this.
  7. Nope, desktop. It doesn't do anything. The key works fine otherwise, it's jhus tthe debug menu won't pop up.
  8. Haven't played the game in a year or so, and I came back to not being able to transfer electric power from one battery pack onto another. This combined with the always present time warp bug makes it very hard to fionish those early contracts. So, did they remove it?
  9. What the subject says. I haven't played in a while and I found out I couldn't. Did they remove the feature?
  10. Here is the craft file (dropbox). I'm sorry but you don't understand what asparagus staging is. Yes, I was aware that I can upgrade to the latest build. Thanks I guess, but basicly what you are doing is "hey my car won't start this morning" and you reply "well ... you are overcomplicating things, I never found a situation where I ever needed a car since I ride a bike".
  11. If you don't connect the outer lines, the separator holding the rockets in place won't crosfeed fuel, therefore , in order for the fuel to pass from each stage of the asparagus onto the next the fuel lines are needed, and at the final stage, they need to merge onto the main fuel tank. It's a pretty straightforward asparagus setup and I've been flying it for years without problems (and with the correct dV calculated). It's not a complicated design at all. I don't know where you get this idea from. It's a pretty simple asparagus staging. The whole point is to have those fuel lines there.
  12. Fair enough. Is this a KSP bug or a MechJeb bug? Is there an official source for this so I can track progress? At the moment this is spoiling the 1.0 fun for me.
  13. Here. I added arrows for clarity what separates what. Not my first time assembling asparagus and I checked that the outer tanks separate properly on bothg sides and the hoses are tied properly. What I don't get why stage 4 is empty because in 0.90 I made this all day long with alll the dV properly calculated.
  14. The Delta-V calculation when building in asparagus doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong here?
  15. Looks like this addon is not going to get updated any soon, and I grew dependant on it to the point it's hard for me to perform complex orbital maneuvers. Is there an alternative addon to this to fine tune planned orbit maneuvers numerically?