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  1. @AmstermMan your first pic is along the lines of one i was doing as a learjet imitation...
  2. well i just finished flying them all and reading through the rest of the comments (some i agree with, some i don't) heres what i have to say... AmsterMan - Don't know why but cockpit/nacelle just look a bit wrong to me, other than that cool plane. Antbin - Needs some yaw control, and not keen on the flat edges showing from the Mk2-size1 adapter Bobnova - Landing gear looks weird to me and lacking a ladder British_Rover - Flat edge of the fuel tank just looks wrong to me Brobel - Looks great, shame it exploded twice :/ Carazvan - Weapons are a bit over the top in my opinion, i wouldn't trust a fully trained Kerbal with weapons let alone a trainee Creepershift - Love the plane apart from the SAS shake Fallingintoblack - Just to big for the Aeris GeniusEvil - Interesting design but drifts on takeoff Giggleplex - Looks great, maybe to fast for a trainer plane? Heagar - Same as Fallingintoblack just to big for the Aeris Hejnfelt - Nice simple plane but fugly air intakes. HueHue - Cool plane and a 2 seater but no ladder and not the only 2 seater craft Kappa73 - nice little plane but could use more fuel Littlebattler - Overkill on the tail and no ladder Mulbin - Love the look, but the engine/nacelle wobbles and the structural beam gets damage by the jet engine ReadhaveRead - Nice simple design but not very maneuverable and 2 ladders? Searlefm - not keen on the look of the rtg at the front and again no ladder Sirine - WTF! that looks like my plane after a bad landing lol ,amazed it even fly's! I'm tempted to give you my vote simply because its insane! Sploden - nice simple design, fly's well, the self vote is a bit offputting tho Tarmenius - nice looking plane, rear landing gear are a bit to far forward tho ThePsuedoMonkey - Looks to much like the thing we are replacing for my tastes Toastie_Buns - very maneuverable but a bit to much going on with all the fins/wings Xeldrak - looks good, fly's good, glides good till it runs out of power Zekes - Excellent plane but not an Aeris replacement imo So based on my thoughts of how they fly and more importantly (to me anyway) how they look, the best Ravenspear Aeris 3a replacement is Xeldrak
  3. thanks for the comments tbh i'd forgotten about this craft myself.
  4. well as it seems important point i've added a video of a no SAS flight (tho i have no idea why you would want to fly without SAS) takes off and flies fine without SAS, but i will admit this craft is a bit twitchy when it comes to landing, as you can see by the result. I've added a bit of bling to my original craft, just craft couple of antenna so the plane in the video is slightly different, noting major, just cosmetic. I've been downloading and playing with some of the entry's as they have been posted and one thing i have noticed and may be worth a mention is that none of the ones i have tried have anything to recharge the batteries other than the engines so after extended periods of gliding you lose control due to lack of electric power.
  5. LOL my thoughts exactly about stock craft fugly as hell! tbh its been so long since i even looked at them I've had to check what each one was at the begining of the challenge
  6. you should have seen the 20 vids before it where i crashed into every bloody building KSP has to offer Xeldrak, I love these challenges and appreciate the effort you put into them, but I would have entered something alot smaller for the Aeris (probably something more along the lines of my midge) the original brief said Ravenspear so i built something that kind of size, anyway no biggy its a game ffs. I have had a evening of entertainment making my craft and flying it about as well as flying what other people have submitted
  7. meh, lesson learned, I'll wait till all the arguments are sorted before I post on the next one...cba changing my entry now so I'll just go with what i have already submitted. oh and added a vid to my original post..
  8. Well looks like i'm kicking this one off with..... The BSC Sprite After literally minutes of design and testing, I'm proud to release "The Sprite" a 2 kerbal atmospheric plane weighing in at only 7.34 Ton and a measly 58 parts. Features only 1 central fuel tank so weight shifting in flight is no problem and nearly totally concealed landing wheels when folded in to keep her streamlined and free from lumps and bumps. Easy to fly, just engage the SAS and power up, the rear landing gear and tail end will lift first and level out then the rest of the craft will follow and your airborne and gracefully cruising the skies! I tried to keep the part clipping to a minimum, but that said i build for looks and have clipping on as default so i really couldn't say how much is clipped. Will add a flight vid when i have a bit more time. Craft file >>>HERE<<< and rest of the pics ↓ there *EDIT* just been flying this about a bit more and taking video and i better mention that this plane needs to be landed slowly it takes off at about 50-60m/s and landing at close to that speed is also advised, unless you like your Kerbal's as green stains on a runway! oh and make sure the breaks are fully disengaged before throttling up or you end up with your nose buried in the runway
  9. Cool a plane at last! Time to make a bloated part count, part clipped to hell and back monstrosity
  10. Congrats Mulbin! and well deserved 2nd place to Mesklin IMO. very happy with 3rd place was amazed i even cleared the first round to be honest, so thanks to everyone that voted and especally thanks to everyone that voted for me Great challenge as always and i guess its back to stalking your profile again Xeldrak until you post the next one
  11. well first off i cant believe i even made it through the first round, so thanks for the votes! even narrowed down to a final 5 (as i'm not counting my own) its still a hard choice... MiniMatt - Great recreation of the current stock craft, you fixed its flaws but like the original IMO i'm sorry say, it just looks ugly Xeldrak - Nice easy lander, but only room for one kerbal. Slugy - Good compact design, does the job perfectly but i have a personal hatred for the LT1 landing struts and i know its petty but the extra ladder on the back was a - point as well Mesklin - my second favorite here! the science probe and rover are just excellent additions and the whole craft is compact and tidy looking with everything it needs. in the end tho Mulbin's keeping my vote (not that it will be needed based on the last vote) again purely based on looks and even tho the whole craft nearly kills my pc! once again a great challenge Xeldrak looking forward to the next one! good luck everyone
  12. Thanks, it wasnt planed but when it looked like eyes i thought it has to stay. I did resist the temptation to use a cluster of antenna above them as eyelashes at least umm...thanks i think
  13. Well I've been playing about with this one for a little while and although I'm not entirely happy with the fuel lines and draining shes ready to fly! So without further ado i give you... The Apex I Swear this thing is looking at me! The Apex is a single Kerbal SSTO featuring, concealed landing gears, fixed solar panels (top and underside) and strange staring docking lights! This is the first Apex release, stay tuned for VTOL variant currently in development. Action Group Toggles 1. TurboJet 2. Rockomax 24-77 3. Air Intakes Craft Vitals Weight 10.18 Parts 110 1893 ÃŽâ€v (vacuum) 1055 Electric storage >30Km Jet Flameout Craft file >>>HERE<<< and rest of the pics ↓ there
  14. Wow 20 entry's! very hard choice here, every single one has something to learn from and idea's that I will steal and pass off as my own combine into my own designs Purely on looks (which is generally what i design craft based on) Mulbin gets my vote this time.
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