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  1. An odd fact I recently found, the most common cultivar of Pistachio trees is called Kerman. Why? I have no idea.
  2. That patch made the engines produce thrust, but they still didn't work properly so they're still of no use with BDAc.
  3. Firespitter propeller engines use 'physical' blades interacting with the 'air'. With BDAc the engines will start when you hit the spacebar but when you engage the AI the engine shuts down. Someone tried a module manager hack to patch a working engine thrust module into them but while it worked, the blades produced a huge amount of drag and didn't spin except by windmilling. Other propeller engine mods do thrust quite differently. The blades on the prop engines are only there for looks, above a certain throttle setting those mods swap out the animated prop part of the engine model for a textured plane. So if you can figure out how to properly patch the Firespitter engines that don't work with BDAc, you'll be (as Jayne said in an episode of Firefly) a Big Damn Hero. Another patch I'd love to see is eliminating the flameout on turboprops when exceeding a certain speed. What good is a big huge turboprop on a small plane when all that power can't be used?
  4. KSP's inability to properly attach parts to movable parts does put a crimp in some design ideas, like mounting non-vectoring engines onto control surfaces to make them have 1 axis vectoring thrust.
  5. Is it 30mm HE or HEAT? AT for anti-tank, using technology like shaped charge, self-forging penetrators. AKA explosively formed projectile. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaped_charge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Explosively_formed_penetrator
  6. Can the AI land planes? It'd be neat to be able to auto land the survivors so some fresh competitors could be brought out to play.
  7. Here's a project I had someone do for me back when I was using Palm OS PDA's for reading eBooks. IIRC he was taking a class in Visual C and did it for the practice. Had to change all the UTF-8 codes to their ASCII equivalents before converting the HTML or other files to Mobi. What it does is read in the replacement file then searches for all matches on the odd lines, replacing each with whatever text is on the even line below. However, it does for some reason have a limit in how many swap pairs can be in the replacement file. The included all the codes file is *too many pairs*. Crazy things will happen. What's the max number of pairs? I don't know, never tried adding a pair at a time until it went crazy. It was able to do enough to handle all the commonly (pointlessly for English) unicoded punctuation in ebooks. Source code (Microsoft Visual C 2005) is included along with compiled executable. License? Free, do whatever you want with it. If someone can adapt it to a craft converter for the new BDAc, have at it. As it is, it can be used for all kinds of mass edits on text files. Need to make the same changes to a large number of KSP CFG files? Run them through this one after another and be done in jig time. Fix the pairs limit issue and it could be used to encypher and decypher text by having the proper replacement files at each end of the communication. http://www.filedropper.com/textfilestringreplacer P.S. I'd love to have a compiled version with the replacement pairs limit fixed or increased at least enough to handle as many pairs as is in the all the codes file.
  8. Since craft files are text files, it should be possible to create a processor that looks for the BDA parts and alters things as needed to work with the new version.
  9. I assume the difficulty with a dipping SONAR is preventing KSP from switching the aircraft to 'landed' state?
  10. In other words, Missile Command for KSP. Defend the KSC against incoming missiles, bombers etc.
  11. Then it's not flyable manually because inverting the authority will make manual piloting move the surfaces the wrong way but BDAC will run them the right way. Try the plane I posted the link to with the backwards control surfaces on the front edge of the wing. It's funny to watch BDA struggle trying to fly it because it's rolling the wrong way, but it can be flown manually. A bug is a bug, they all need fixing at some point. I suspect this one may be simple, reading some variable that KSP uses to know which way around a control surface is aimed. I recall in some previous version of KSP it didn't work with manual flying to turn control surfaces around because the game engine would move them the wrong way.
  12. No indication of any action on the issue I reported a while ago about BDA's inability to properly use reversed control surfaces. KSP itself can figure them out for manual flying. https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/issues/373
  13. Would be nice to be able to put an AI and manager on a craft to be separated later, for doing things like launching drones. Have a "Sleep until isolated" checkbox so it'll wake up and take control when the craft is separated and the AI and manager are on their craft without any others. Could also have a checkbox them to make them the main units. Easier for the user would be to auto-set all other AI and managers to sleep when one is set to main. Such a system could even be used to (attempt to) keep disparate pieces of a plane flying and fighting after being blown apart.
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