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  1. I'll play around with the new stuff and see what it will take to update the contact pack. Not sure if premade data links are possible but that would be a cool, imagine having to take out a radar tower to stop nearby SAMsites from firing at you. At the very least I'll upload some of the new jets I am proud of. I think I will also post some sort of tips and tricks guide for how to get automatic guard mode, spawn above ground, etc. in case anyone else wants to try making a contract pack.
  2. Mbx you are a saint. Kind of just dropped all progress on the contract pack after the BDArmoury changes. Glad to see some fixes and improvements, as that is how this contract pack originated. Might get back into it, not sure yet. Mostly just been making jets and bombing the KSC in my spare time these days. - - - Updated - - - I've been out for a bit but if you are still interested I'll pull up the specifics and let you know how to do it. It requires editing the .craft file for the specific craft. After that you can spawn as many as you'd like an they will be automatic. Just a lot of individual edits if you use a variety of crafts.
  3. The the vessels in this contract pack will no longer function properly with the newest version of BDArmoury. The newest version has many changes to targeting and AI. I may or may not redo this contract pack to work again. It will take quite some time. That being said, if you are using the older version of BDArmoury, the vessels will work as intended. The contracts should all be able to be completed. As for contracts not appearing, I'm not exactly sure what causes this. Contracts should be automatically available after completion of the previous contract. I know that sometimes you have to fast forward a day or two to have them show up.
  4. Looked at the new BDArmory. Going to have to make changes to get the existing content working right but it opens up a lot more variety. I'll try to keep working at it.
  5. Eventually, yes. Been working on a few things, but have just been playing the game lately. I'll get an update out by the end of the week I hope.
  6. Thank you. They are supposed to be enabled automatically. Its something that is specific to each craft file for the enemies. I'll have to look and see if I missed enabling those ones.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I'll fix the license version. The v0.1 vs v0.10 is from when I reuploaded the mod to include the full gamedata folder path. I'll change version numbers accordingly so that CKAN doesn't get confused.
  8. I intend on working on this mod for the foreseeable future. That being said I can't 100% promise that something won't come up that takes me away from it. Randomized "infinite" contracts are planned in future updates. All missions are currently in a progressive order. I suppose I could accept craft submissions, however the current hangup is finding decent locations and creating a variety for contracts. Its more of a problem finding where to put them than actually inventing them. Note that all crafts (with some leniency on player owned crafts) are created with low part count, weapon balance, "killability", stability and coolness in mind. An enemy aircraft that can outmaneuver and outgun you is a challenge but can be frustrating more than fun. The same goes for a pile of goalkeeper turrets.
  9. Thanks for the initial feedback. I'm not sure why I decided to make the intro contracts a double mission. It will get changed eventually. The mysterious contract can only be accepted once, I need to find a way to make it stop appearing if you decline it. Both of your ideas are planned additions. Contracts will eventually be in space and the far reaches of kerbin. Specialty vehicles will be for a few missions, but I want the player to retain creative freedom.
  10. Fixed it. The download now has the path GameData\ContractPacks\KoF and is hosted on Kerbalstuff.
  11. I hadn't thought of putting in the full path, I'll change it tonight as well as put it up on kerbalstuff.
  12. Kerbin on Fire Military Contract Pack Let me know what you guys think.
  13. Kerbin on Fire (KoF) is a military themed contract pack. [Features] Kerbin on Fire currently consists of 12 missions that occur within a ~120km radius of the KSC. Two of these missions are aerial combat, where you are approaching a target that is already in the air. There are 2 types of aircraft with 3 and 6 variants for the player to use, if they are unable or unwilling to create their own in the space plane hangar. The player is assumed to always be Team A. All enemies are Team B and will automatically fire at you if you are within their angle/range. The current method used to spawn enemy aircraft above ground level is not perfect. They have no starting velocity, and there is currently no way to have them spawn with one. Unless requested for future versions, the tech tree is unchanged. There is an additional optional mission offered to provide a boost of science and funds for a player. [Requirements] BDArmory Contract Configurator [Download] Kerbalstuff Extract .zip into \Kerbal Space Program\ The full path should be \Kerbal Space Program\GameData\ContractPacks\KoF [Plans] Future updates/plans include: -Polishing -More contracts -More in-air contracts -Space contracts -More "Kreigslist" vessels -Reward balancing -Tech Tree tweaks I will be changing contracts around to provide a "cleaner" experience. There are currently no failure conditions for missions. For example: if you are destroyed during an aerial combat mission and quit to space center, the enemy vessel is destroyed by the game for being in the atmosphere and you magically complete the contract. I want the player to be able to fail the contract, and start over by accepting the contract again. Be ready to quicksave/quickload if you want an honest experience. I hope to be able to have a few contracts that are infinitely repeatable. It depends if I can figure out how to get enemies or packs of enemies to randomly choose one of several locations to spawn at. [License] Kerbin on Fire is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0. [Changelog] 07-25-15 Version 0.1 release.
  14. I'll make it its own thread and upload it tomorrow (err, today?) sometime. 12 missions. 2 of which are aerial combat. And some other fun junk. Will add to it once I get a little feedback and if I can figure out how to do some of the things I want to do.
  15. Until Odin_Spain uploads a fixed version it will do that. I posted a redone version of his contract pack on page 11 of this thread. I'm also working on my own contract pack which should ready for its first release soonish