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  1. I'm super excited about this, especially the retro version. Keep up the good work!
  2. 22, and I've been playing since just before .21.
  3. I built my smallest and prettiest SSTO yet: Not quite stock (uses some .625 m fuel tanks from RLA) and it needs a little tweaking but it made it to orbit and back to the runway.
  4. Launching an interplanetary stage capable of reaching Krag's planets is taxing my launch abilities:
  5. He recommends the cloud mod, anyone have config files?
  6. In the meantime, you could check out: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/15348-0-22-x-Taverio-s-Pizza-and-Aerospace-v1-5-1 I believe it has small wings, etc for tiny planes. EDIT: I know you're requesting this as a stock part, and I'd love it to be stock as well, but I find my ksp experience very much improved by some good mods while squad works on improving things bit by bit.
  7. Ooh. I want this to work. I'm going to have to download your monitor and mess with it. I This capsule looks pretty cool to begin with and I'm definitely interested in seeing more IVAs with functional displays.
  8. I really like how this also quite functional sciency lander turned out: Still had close to half of my fuel left in the landing stage when I touched down. Here's the return stage: this also had about a third of its fuel left over after returning directly from the Mun. All stock, I did use editor extensions to radially attach some parts. Next up: send it to Dres.
  9. Some of the parts from this mod are showing up but greyed out, with the message: "Part model requires an entry purchase in R&D..." does this mean I just haven't unlocked them yet? It's a bit weird. Also, I installed this mod partway through a career mode game... so I suppose that might be the problem? I.E. the parts should be unlocked, but since I didn't have the mod when I unlocked those nodes, they didn't get unlocked? Slightly confused. Screenshot:
  10. I'm assuming you meant debris? It took me a second to figure out what you meant. EDIT: cool though, I had been wondering about this.
  11. I've sort of alternated between using Engineer/Mechjeb for dV, and not doing so, so I'm not finding it too hard to estimate except that the lack of asparagus means I tend to underestimate.
  12. Selectroot mod should* allow you to change the root piece... but I can see how it would be difficult to do this automatically, since there are some parts (such as anything with symmetry) that make it somewhat complicated to do this automatically, i.e. it would quite possibly not do what you wanted it to do. Now, I do agree that with subassemblies, selectroot's functionality should be implemented in stock... *I haven't tested this yet in .22
  13. Started a career mode save, playing with some self-imposed limits (basically: very limited quicksaving, no reverts post launch, nothing absurd to get science faster) and I'm really liking it... It's easy enough I feel like I'm advancing without trying to just spreadsheet my way to science. My Sunetos missions (I-V, all manned) were ultimately successful in a Mun flyby (there was one really spectacular moment when Bob tried to do an EVA while his rocket was burning for orbit at 70km, but with some kind of insane luck he fell into the ocean and survived... I'm not really sure how. But, tragedy
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