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  1. I genuinely have no idea. Maybe Modular Fuel Tanks if you're using that?
  2. // Cryo configuration for Procedural tanks @PART[procedural*Liquid]:NEEDS[CryoEngines] { MODULE { name = ModuleCryoTank FuelName = LqdHydrogen // in % per hr BoiloffRate = 0.05 } @MODULE[TankContentSwitcher] { TANK_TYPE_OPTION { name = LqdHydrogen dryDensity = 0.04346 costMultiplier = 0.035 RESOURCE { name = LqdHydrogen unitsPerT = 40000 } } TANK_TYPE_OPTION { name = LqdHydrogen+Oxidizer dryDensity = 0.069535 costMultiplier = 0.785 RESOURCE { name = LqdHydrogen unitsPerT = 15000 } RESOURCE { name = Oxid
  3. I've been trying to figure that out myself. The quantities are easy enough, it's the dry masses I can't figure out...
  4. Just a heads-up: upgrading via CKAN leads to a wildly incomplete install (the DeployableEngines and CryoTanks folders aren't included). EDIT: Also, procedural tanks still have the old ratio.
  5. After some troubleshooting I found the mod that caused the behavior when installed: Modular Fuel Tanks. Which makes no sense whatsoever.
  6. Newbie question about this mod: by design does it really use less oxidizer when operating in a vacuum? I was using these engines to build a Delta IV-like rocket, but then I noticed all the excess Oxidizer when I dumped the first stage. EDIT: Never mind, it's not doing it on my only-cryo test setup. I will have to troubleshoot...
  7. Question: is MFT supposed to affect launch towers/clamps? I was trying to figure out why the stock launch clamps were successfully pumping fuel into tanks when the FASA towers were not, and I found that one of the Module Manager files for MFT includes this: So two questions - am I correct that if I want to get any tower/clamp working to resupply resources with MFT installed I need to add a similar MM configuration file, and is there a way to make the pump be on all the time instead of being triggered manually?
  8. Question: if someone is willing to invest the effort in creating a new sound pack, can it be done by making a new folder in the Sounds folder with the right file names, or does support have to be written into the addon by the mod author?
  9. I've started getting a weird issue with CKAN. This error message pops up when I click the "Add available updates" button: The error message mentions the SDHI SMS mod, which I did have installed manually. However, I removed the mod folder from my GameData folder, and it's still happening. This just started happening today, wasn't a problem the last time I ran CKAN (a few days ago). Help?
  10. I build my lifters and payloads independently. I have lifters of various sizes and capabilities saved as separate .craft files. I build the payload, then figure out which lifter I need. I transfer the payload over as a subassembly. Try changing the root part to something in your payload - when I have similar issues that's usually it.
  11. Yes. Just copy over the entire KSP folder to somewhere else and it'll run fine.
  12. IIRC correctly all the flames have expanded a bit since the start. My tweaks have always been aimed at making them much more... dramatic.
  13. Oops. Didn't realize that. Not yet, as far as I know... once I get a good handle on upper-stage engines I may do that as an experiment next.
  14. I love this idea. I too, like the FASA towers, but I would like to see ones with a different aesthetic. I rather like the following ones myself: - - - Updated - - - I've always wondered if given that we have upgradable launchpads now with Career Mode, if it's possible to do a mod that modifies the pad itself...
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