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  1. So glad you finally have a page for all your youtube activity. I don't have to hunt around the forums anymore.
  2. loving the videos! keep'em up. my suggestion for a plane is a plane with the cockpit in the center, and the wings form a circle around it. might be difficult to fly, but that's why they're called insane, right? XD
  3. You forgot to include the video link!
  4. Wow, glad you read my messages XD. LOVE this series! Keep it up!
  5. LOVE your videos man, glad to see new people coming in and having so much content to choose from (I am ALWAYS on youtube watching KSP vids) Keep it up!
  6. Love the video, there are some issues with frames though, not too bad, but seriously, "Denying impending doom" XD
  7. Nice video! Also where did you find the picture on the thumbnail?
  8. Really good video! I enjoyed the ending, but sad because we didn't get to see any footage of Jeb riding the bomb;.;
  9. This is probably one of the coolest things I've seen
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