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  1. Probaly On Unstable Terrain Or The Terrain Is Broken In That Area
  2. I Have Sent Two Rovers To The Mun And All of Them Were Underpowered How Many Solar Panels Do You Need To Make It Powerd I Had 4
  3. I can land on the moon alright but i have trouble with everything else. With the three man capsule the engines overheats so fast also my rocket fall over on the moon and explode. Has anyone got any tips
  4. Sensors can tell if it has a orbit. i think it calculates it like ksp
  5. I was wondering what mods are recommened for 0.21. i do have mecheb installed
  6. Start by getting into orbit then go to the mun minimus and then further out plannets
  7. Some images of kerbals on the moon
  8. While on the moon i accidentally knocked my lander over but after a bit of playing around i found a way to fix it. Close the landing legs then open them. While that is doing that pitch in either direction you will end up on your landing legs
  9. There is only one moon around orbiting the earth
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