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  1. NASA successfully sued Ed Mitchell for trying to sell a 16mm data acquisition camera flown on the Apollo 14 mission.
  2. Awesome it works Take the test you have to post the thingy in your signature to see the result
  3. Do you ever have random engine failures or explosions that you can't explain Okay 4/5 say yes. Ty
  4. "...the higher average age of the forum user." "...the higher average age of the forum user." "...higher average age"
  5. So many brilliant and talented people... It's awesome!
  6. I really want Kerbals to be able to construct ships in space or on the ground... For example after a mission you can use KAS to pick up a capsule, fly it to KSC, and refit and refuel it.
  7. Spent the last 3 hours extensively testing abort systems and procedures for my plane
  8. Yeah. 90 percent of the time I don't have enough time to react and press backspace... LOL
  9. I use abort systems to save my Kerbals if a rocket explodes. I've only ever had to actually use an abort system once on an actual mission, and that was an unmanned test. I also have reserve parachutes if the main ones break upon fully opening. Edit: I just had to abort a few minutes ago when my rocket tipped upside down...
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