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  1. Sometimes when I click "exit game" the game takes me to this thing called "real life" and I have to reboot ksp to fix it.
  2. @Spaceception Using your answer, I was able to get three files. However the only problem was that instead of just checking off normal, color, and elevation map, I had to make sure to check off the surface box at the top. I have the three files surface_bump , surface_diff , and surface_norm. I'm assuming that the _norm is the normal map, so is the _bump the elevation map and _diff the color map? Thanks
  3. HI all, I'm trying to make a new planet in KSP for fun (ya know). I'm still having trouble in the first stage with exporting textures. I'm using Space Engine for textures, because that seems easiest, and i found a planet i want to make in KSP. I opened up the export menu, and selected to export the color, height, and normal maps, however, the game says "done" within a split second, but leaves nothing in the export folder. I've tried exporting both as .dds and as .png files. The only things I get from the export folder are when I choose to export the script, and that doesn't really do much for me. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, First of all this is going to be amazing, since I have a potato for a computer (but it does run OK), so I've got high hopes. My only problem is I just cannot seem to find RP-0 in CKAN, or normal RSS for that matter. I just downloaded CKAN so it should be the latest version, but they just don't seem to be there. I tried searching for "realistic" and all i got was realistic atmospheres... I could install it manually, as that's what I normally do for mods, but then again I don't usually install a ton of mods so I thought it would be cool to try out CKAN. Any thoughts? Nevermind, I had the wrong ksp version selected
  5. For solar panels,, every panel has a "temperature coefficient." This is the percent that a solar panel decreases in efficiency for every degree Fahrenheit over 77 degrees fahrenheit, a standard testing temperature (normally it's around 0.3%-0.5%). For solar panels, 77 degrees is the threshold, and all solar panels, according to our research, decrease in efficiency at temperatures above 77 (that isn't just the outside temp, thats the temperature of the solar panels which is often above air temperature. If you live in a region where the air is almost never above 77 degrees, then it would make sense that you would not want to pay much for this product. That being said, this question is very loose, and I understand that. It's simply meant to be a baseline as to how complex our solution should be. I understand that it depends on how much more efficient our product makes the solar panels, but we have not completed any design portion of this product as we are in the market research phase still (we follow the design process). If you have any comments relative to this project that you cannot explain through our mostly multiple choice quiz, I would love to hear them. Thanks for checking it out!
  6. Hi Elthy, The last question is simply asking how much you would be willing to pay for our potential product ( I believe this is what you're talking about. There are several different end paths). I know the prices of solar panels fluctuate depending on your roof (We could not find consistent data for the price of a solar panel) but essentially this question is asking how much above the regular price of a solar panel would you be willing to pay for a solution (per panel). Basically we want to know if we should go with a fully functional but expensive solution or if we should go with a low-tech, cheap solution. But thanks for putting in the time to take our survey. My group appreciates it.
  7. Hi everyone, For my senior year in high school, I am in a course of Project Lead The Way called Engineering Design and Development. The whole course is a capstone project. We are currently in the process of conducting market research for our project. I figured since the Kerbal community is so friendly that some people here would be willing to take my survey. Our project deals with solar panels. All will be explained in the survey. You can take this survey regardless of your age, and regardless of whether or not you have solar panels. We are looking forward to your responses. If you have any feedback, you can post it on this forum. Also in case it needs to be more convincing, 4 out of 4 of the members of this group own KSP, and 3 out of 4 still play it regularly (hehehehe I convinced them all to play and they love it now). So help some fellow KSP players out and take this survey! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfuG7vCzW7kXb7NuW5GJHFEITvSg-YzDRHoNvP6_HkBBHK8kQ/viewform Thanks for all of your time and support.
  8. I don't believe this has anything to do with any mods, but i have a few, so i'll put it here. Since i got 0.90 Beta, i haven't been able to use the astronaut complex. I thought at first i wasn't upgraded, so i upgraded it, and i still can't use it. I went to the VAB, and then the kerbals tab, and clicked "go to VAB", but still nothing happened. I didn't work in sandbox either. I didn't have this bug in 0.25 either. Not a terrible game changer, but just wondering if there's something I did wrong. Using windows 32bit Game version 0.90 beta All mods are updated to 0.90 beta
  9. Does anyone know how to do the "Neutralize controls for 10 seconds"? Whenever i try this (turn SAS off, don't touch keyboard) i still can't get it (and the station starts spinning). Do all kerbals have to exit a station to neutralize controls?
  10. I haven't been playing for long enough to remember this pod, but it looks awesome. Especially the IVA. Nice Job on that!
  11. This is my new OKS Space Station around Kerbin. I still need a good name for it.
  12. I've done alot in the last week: I finished a Dres mission: Sent a habitat and rover to Jeb stranded on Eve: Worked on my mission to both Pol and Vall with one ship: And did my first kerballed Moho mission (to be finished soon): And since I now have landed on every planet:
  13. As yesterday marks my first kerballed Moho landing (and soon return), thought i would drop a hello from around the system, as that was the last planet to land on (for me)
  14. Today I began working on a completely recoverable shuttle-ish thing. It's sort-of Dream Chaser designed, but both the shuttle and the lifter are completely recoverable (usually). So far, it's working fine All stock for now (except for KER)
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