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  1. Wait... isn't all this stuff stock in the current version? I have the sentinel camera and asteroids. What mod are we talking about?
  2. POD RACING!!! Actually managed to have a respectable relationship between mass and lift on this guy. Mix of stock and mod parts. It even yaws like the real thing! It works great! Sort of... Oh dear.
  3. I'm just curious how I'm supposed to get back from orbit now with the re-entry effects. There's no heat sheilding on the Mk2 cockpits. Radiators?
  4. Built a couple of stable, working aircraft with "bombs" that I'm proud of and spent a lot of time in sandbox trying ot destroy the KSC. F-4U Korsair Heavy Bomber
  5. Awesome, worked like a charm. Now fixed, deployed and non-tracking.
  6. I'm working on a Kerbin orbit station for a contract. I'm going for an ISS look-alike to a large degree. I used the stock large radiator panels on my trusses. Having got about two thirds of the station into orbit I just realised that the panels rotate to catch the sun. Is there a property in the part config or mu file that I could use to kill the rotation?
  7. Really got to wonder how you guys get some of these things into orbit in the first place. Anyway this one always gets me. He's just so dang happy.
  8. I suppose I'm really only contributing the idea, though from what I've seen of modeling, I could probably provide texture graphics. Mainly thought it'd be fun to have a parts "company" and do a little branding. I could learn to do it myself but I'm starting grad school and I already burn enough free time in KSP. Anyway, the idea, just because it'd be neat to have even if I'm not involved: I'd like a part or series of parts consisting of glass tanks of "bacteria" which slowly produce liquid fuel and oxidizer. Not fast enough that you're jetting around on "free gas" but fast enough that a stagi
  9. I've got an idea for a part or series of parts based on some of the real world research into creating fuels from bacteria cultures. I don't really have the modeling chops or understanding of mod programming to execute it. If anyone's interested in starting a new space fuels "company" with me let me know. I'm happy to share more details.
  10. Well, after getting off work I managed to pull 880 science out of one trip to Minmus which put me over the cap to get the 4k batteries and the Fuel Cell Banks. More on that in a minute. The Mun ended up being the site of the base due to a contract to put a base on the Mun. When I first started the contract I didn't have any way of scanning for ore and I didn't plan on needing to. The specs for the base were support 12 Kerbals, generate power, have 4000 units of liquid fuel. I thought for certain I would be able to land that fuel, everything else was cake. After several failed attempts I reali
  11. My grand Mün base, Taigh Luan, is nearly complete. I have everything I need, except for 4000 units of liquid fuel. To remedy that I sent up the first part of the solution, a mining probe module that is attached out by the fuel farm. The converter module was going to be next and then I discovered I had a bit of an issue. My resource recovery rate is really slow. It's not the best ore location on the rock but I didn't originally plan it to be a mining base, I was going to land the fuel... which is a major pain in the . With nothing better to do I just started warping. Then night fell, then
  12. Ah there's my problem, forgot the cardinal rule, "check your version".
  13. KerrMü, KSP is telling me there are some non-stock parts in your Glider, is that the case or no? Also, how did you get it to Eve?
  14. Thanks for the advice! For the case, I'm planning on scratch-building a Probodobodyne OKTO with a .625m diameter and building a MechJeb AR202 Case as kind of a junction box for connections to monitors. I may even put the optical drive and WIFI antenna in there if I can work out how to remote them. The complete setup should look like a Satellite Core sitting on a desk for programming.
  15. Honestly not a whole lot of research into these specs, this list is just a jumping off point. I'm not much of a PC gamer at the moment, work takes most of my time. The two games that get played are KSP (religiously) and my kid plays Minecraft. With that in mind I'm sure toning down some of these spec would be in order but like I said, it's a jumping off point. Primarily at this point I'm more interested in what it takes to make sure KSP runs smooth. Case will be a custom build (first time for me) to reflect my love of KSP. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD FX-9590 4
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