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  1. Chapter Eleven - Jool Space - Dragonslayer Archangel fired first. A heavy sunbeam blazed across space to the Kryptos, burning a small crater in the stealth cruiser's mirrored coating before glancing off. The AI-driven cruiser continued burning towards the Archangel, entering the 100 kilometer range of it's weapons. As soon as it entered the effective range of it's weapons, the Kryptos began firing it's array of weapons. Most of the cruiser's sunbeams were deflected by Archangel's hull coating, but one punched through an engineering bay, and one hit a hanger, spacing a company of battle-ready
  2. I'd watch it if there was no voice recorded. The voice in the video burns my ears. Lag is real, also. And finally, North Dakota doesn't exist. Nice ships though
  3. Chapter Ten - Part One - Vall - Civilization Lost The circle around Vall City was tightening. Some emplacements still fired, but most had been destroyed by the advancing Federation army. The forces of the Technocracy gradually fell back, fighting on the move to buy time to allow the civilians inside Vall City to reach their emergency bunkers. Eventually, after 6 hours of constant, furious fighting, the Federation entered the capital of the Technocracy, passing through the massive energy barrier protecting the city. The city seemed deserted. Blue stone and metal buildings extended towards the
  4. You don't actually have mod powers.
  5. Chapter Nine - Part One - Laythe - Negotiations Both ambassadors faced each other, across the sandstone table. One in dark blue of the Unified Republic of Kerbality , and one in the elegant white and grey of the Federation of Laythe. The talks had been going on for a week, and Laythe had finally found a definite answer to the latest request the Republic had made The Federation ambassador spoke first. "I am afraid the Federation cannot accept the terms of your latest act. The Federation was founded on the principles of democracy and personal freedom, and allowing you free access to our resource
  6. In which we visit the Technocracy of Vall. Chapter Eight - Part One - Vall - Desperation Note: The reports of the long retreat of the Technocracy of Vall's forces across the moon were full of inconsistencies. This portion of our tale is the most detailed report possible of the end of that event, but may be partially inaccurate. Halt, fight, retreat. That was the mantra the Technocracy forces had been following since the first day. The Federation forces that attacked Vall was almost as large as the entire population of the icy moon, and, even after conscripting every single eligible Kerbal, th
  7. Chapter Seven - Part One - Archangel/Minmus Space The tension aboard Archangel was thick. Every crew member waited for the order to engage the Federation blockade at Jool. Every Kerbal aboard the colossal vessel knew that this was not an ordinary mission. In the thousand-kilometer zone around Minmus, a motley fleet gathered. Republic vessels of all shapes and sizes floated in space, basking in Kerbol's sunlight. The Admiral had no illusions. This was not an almighty avenging fleet. This was the desperate gasp of a dying giant. Hundreds of fighters swarmed around the floating leviathans. Stand
  8. Chapter Six - Part One - Minmus Starlight Plateau shone with landing lights. The base at the edge of the plateau was in full activity, carrying new fighters, tanks, crew, munitions, and supplies to the vast shape that took up most of the plateau. The Republic Super-Dreadnought Archangel rested on the ground of Minmus. Even it's massive landing gear was barely able to keep it stable, and the inside of the ship groaned as it felt the weak gravity of Minmus. Archangel was the most decorated ship in the Republic fleet. Above Pol, it had fought three Federation battleships at the same time, destr
  9. I will go as long as people are interested and modding doesn't distract me
  10. I would appreciate a quick tutorial on where to put my stuff so I can convert KU2 over.
  11. I need to write more, but I'm buried in crap I need to do first. Atrhbrbghhhhh Right then. Chapter 5. ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY JANITOR! - - - Updated - - - Chapter Five- Phobius The stars were blocked out by the Federation fleet. More and more vessels were coming in-system by the day, and the bloated leviathans clung to the captured stardocks of Phobius like suckling piglets to their mother's mammaries. The circular room Kirfrey was trapped in was the former tertiary janitor's closet of Interplanetary Communications. He could see through the single tiny window. He observed the hundreds of tanks
  12. I have just put Dwarf Fortress in my Dropbox. I will not play it again until my crap is converted. LEEERRROOOOYYYY JEENKKKIINSS Update 1 Installed KopernicusTech and set up my modding suite (fine. Folder containing all the things I need) again. Managed to get Abaddon, Fierbinte, and Verviedi set up in the KopernicusTech format, but they aren't showing up. I'll check my config in the morning. I probably forgot a bracket. I am using the Trans-Keptunian pack as an example of how to make planets. I have no idea how to Atmosphere or water using KopernicusTech (The wonder of inexperience. Blarhg.)
  13. I had some career mode vehicles. One was "Traumatizer" (Part test contract- DON'T ASK.) One was "Science Spammer" (Yay 0.22!) And one was called... "Disposer" (...Because Jeb kept stealing seats)
  14. What's with all the people mistaking the KU1 thread for this thread? Here's my development plan so far: -Port planets to Kopernicus and THIS (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/103298-0-90-Working-Multiple-Star-Systems%28WITH-PLANETS%21%29/page13) mod. -Go outside for once
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