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  1. Sometimes when importing/export DDS files, they get flipped. Try flipping your edited image and see if that fixes the problem.
  2. Progress! Atmospheric Lander (Inspired by the Boeing Mars Lander)
  3. There is always Progress. Marriage Equality in the U.S. progressed recently. I just read an article about the progress of fusion energy research. Oh wait... you probably mean this mod. Yes, progress is being made. But, as you probably know, I also provide models for other mods, such as ChakaMonkey. As they are already released mods and mine is still in progress, they take priority in my mind. KSP 1.1, then 1.1.1, then 1.1.2 has been breaking things left and right. So I've been fixing things
  4. Nah, only the Orion has had so many revisions. That bugger is deceptively complex. It would take me less time to model the core of the entire SLS rocket than it would take to model the orion and service module. But, just to clarify, the core of SLS is done, I'm just waiting for KSP 1.1 before release (man... is that release dragging and dragging and dragging). When I said I was getting ready to dive into some serious modeling, I was referring to the SLS payloads (the landers and various satellites). Hopefully this clears things up
  5. I have no idea. I'm one of the unlucky few who didn't buy KSP through Steam. I'm just as curious to see the graphic capabilities as everyone else
  6. Unfortunately, KSP won't be including the standard shader in 1.1 due to performance issues. They will be using their current shader. (That is, unless of course, I've missed an update in the devnotes since they announced they won't be including the Standard Shader). Of course, you could alternately use the Reflection Plugin or WindowShine.
  7. Unfortunately, no real progress on the payloads. I took a (long) break from working on SLS to level up my modeling skills before diving back into again. As you probably know, before deciding to do the SLS mod, I had never really done any modeling before. To say the least, I was an extreme noob. As can be seen here with my first version of the Orion and Service module: As compared to my most recent version: https://sketchfab.com/models/08b99891e34a4399816dfb2e88e7e89e Even that one is a couple of months old. Since then, I've really been diving into modeling as a serious hobby. My most recent work has been completely unrelated to KSP or SLS, but I think my modeling is starting to actually reach a level that an SLS mod deserves. Here is one of my more recent projects to show the difference: But, the short answer is... I'm getting ready to rebuild the SLS from scratch with the high quality models and textures that it deserves. I'm afraid if I had released it earlier, it would not have been a very good mod and I'm afraid that I'm a bit of a perfectionist
  8. I have a suspicion that is not related to the docking port (or at least, isn't ONLY related to the docking port). While testing a few things last night, I had this same bug happen.... but there wasn't a docking port on the ship and it wasn't during a docking/undocking procedure. It happened during atmospheric re-entry. The parachute module blew off completely during re-entry and got locked at a distance from the ship. Luckily, the parachute still deployed and safely landed the ship... despite being who knows where (below the ship and below the ground at that point)
  9. There are 6 parts in that Sketchfab and 6 textures. The LES, the Aeroshield, orion parachute module, the orion mpcv, the orion heatshield, and the service module. There are four meshes in the parachute module (the base, the cover, and two parachutes [drogue and parachute]). There rest are single meshes.
  10. I'll just leave this here... for some reason. https://skfb.ly/LBEW
  11. Write down the details of what you don't want, then go through the mod's folder in GameData and find the parts you don't want and just delete them. If you are careful, you shouldn't break the entire mod
  12. We are aware of the problem. The most recent update to KSP made the old Altair nonfunctional, so it was remade from scratch. It still has some bugs to be worked out. Unfortunately, the Altair is on the back burner as we are putting the priority on finishing the new Orion. The docking bug with the Orion is also known (read about it in just a few posts above yours). We are doing our best to work out these bugs as soon as possible.
  13. Use the alternate download sites of CurseForge or Dropbox. They are in the first post directly below the KerbalStuff link.
  14. I'm hoping. I'm hoping we get an updated version of PartTools soon too. Though I'm super bummed by the news that 1.1 will not include the PBR shaders (so no real time reflections and realistic materials)
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