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  1. I for one would like an option for a dark theme, like dark gray with a light gray or white text. I primarily use the forum at night and on my phone, and the white background is eyeball searing. (and battery draining) other than that, whatevs!
  2. I just got my CH products fighterstick, pro throttle, and pro pedals working correctly. It's so awesome. And I have a ton of buttons I can map! hint: use mapped mode, and switch the axes of the pedals so they are on a different set than the other pieces, and it works great!
  3. [FIXED] ok, that doesn't help. with my pro pedals plugged in and everything in direct mode, the pedals basically take over the axes from the throttle and stick. KSP only ever sees axis 00, 01, and 02. the stick has all three, the throttle has one, and the pedals have all three. I changed the axis settings in the CH manager so that the pedals had different axes than the stick/throttle, but KSP stills sees them all as variations of the 00, 01, and 02. Does KSP have a hard 3-axis limit on input? EDIT: ok, i forgot to upload the new map to the controllers. After making a brand new new map
  4. I have a CH Products fighter stick and pro throttle. I mapped them today in direct mode, and the stick works great, but the throttle axis on the throttle doesn't work at all. I tried it in a basic mapped mode and no axes worked on either stick.
  5. i'm having problems with my CH Products Fighterstick. I can map the pitch and yaw to the axis and it maps correctly, but in game it won't do anything. All of the mapped buttons on the joystick work fine. I also have a CH Products Pro Throttle. It maps with no issues, and everything on it works correclty. I am using these in Direct Mode and not Mapped Mode. The joystick is: Control Manager ID #00 Axis 0 (mapped to yaw) doesn't work Control Manager ID #00 Axis 1 (mapped to pitch) doesn't work. the throttle is Control Manager ID #00 Axis 2 (mapped to throttle, inverted) works One thing I no
  6. so it would seem that it would be much easier now to take a 3 man capsule back up. woot!
  7. checked folders. they aren't read only. [FIX FOUND:] somehow during the upgrade to 1.0, my saves/profile/ships/SPH folder got deleted. Apparently KSP can't recreate the folder, and if it's not there, then save/load/launch from SPH doesn't work. I simply re-created the 'SPH' folder and everything started working.
  8. This is why you need to backup your saves folder regularly, especially when messing with mod removal.
  9. this is gonna sound dumb, but whenever i try to launch your craft, they are glued to the pavement. I can't launch the spectre mk2 at all. I can launch the scythe mk5, but only after I drop the tanks. ideas? 0.90 EDIT: nevermind. KJR was having issues with 3.0.1. dev version of dll fixed it.
  10. In response to rune on pg 153 Thanks. I thought I was doing this by putting the nuke at the end of a cubic strut, and then putting the tanks over it back connected to the tank before, but I guess that means the cubic strut is also sharing with the tank attachment, so u guess that means I need to turn it 180 deg around. I'll have to try that.
  11. How do you get the nuke to work when embedded in with the jet? Everytime I do it, i end up cutting fuel flow from the tanks to the engines?
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