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  1. So its long, red and been travelling through interstellar space for millions of years on a course that brought it within a gnats whisker of earth... any sign of a small greenish companion "asteroid" that might have broken off and headed our way?
  2. according to the google translate app on my phone the text is (from top to bottom) faring instrument cabin two hydrogen tank between secondary level segment airbox HO segment box booster nosecone swelling thruster er. membership sset with HE segment boost clamp The last three lines are too low quality for my camera to make out.
  3. The realistic progression packs give you a set of real world rocket engines and fuels which do give you a bit better ISP that you're used to in the main game. You'll still need much bigger craft though. Fortunately the procedural fuel tanks make this a lot easier and help reduce the part count too. Fuel Density becomes a factor too. Liquid hydrogen is very light but needs a lot of tank volume, Kerosene is denser so smaller tank size but less dV. once you get your head around the pros and cons of the three main fuel groups (kerosene/Liquid Ox, Hydrogen/liquid Ox, UDMH/IWFNA) its not too tricky.
  4. yes. its a whole new learning curve but once you've gotten used to the idea of ~9500 dV to achieve orbit its not that much harder. Just look up real world rocket concepts like ullage, ignition count and untrottleable engines and plan your missions out with those new limits in mind.
  5. Another option is just to make sure both craft stay out of the low atmosphere Garbage collection zone. it doesn't quite work for your mission profile of dropping a lander but for satellite launches this works pretty well. I have a Turbojet suborbital satellite plane that just pitches up at around 50 degrees and accelerates until apo is around 80km. Once the heating effects die down (40km up) I drop the satellite out of the cargo bay and circularise it at Apo. Then jump back into the plane for the dive back into the atmosphere. then wait until the wings start to bite again reverse course and r
  6. Recently in a save with kerbal construction time and USI life support on I sent a 3 Kerbal mission to Minmus up without any life support supplies and only noticed when I got to orbit. Quickly having to queue up a frantic minimalist, just scrape to orbit, mission that could be built in a few hours. Containing a cargo container with one supplies pack in it and then had to EVA and use Kerbal Attachment system to stick the supply container on in orbit. All before the Kerbals on board starved.
  7. yup the "other" mission pack does this <Cough>Mission controller 2
  8. fair enough, another reason to get an oculus rift then for that full immersion experience.
  9. ok maybe this is an unfeasable or slightly out there feature request. But is there any way to export these screens out of the game in any way, into a new window or a video stream etc? id love to be able to have them on a second monitor.
  10. I think this comic was actually referenced in game as well. "pointing correct end towards space" on the loading screen.
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