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  1. So here's my system, and I realize that I need to get a better graphics card, but it didn't seem to have any big issues until I recently purchased Bioshock Infinite and started with .23.

    Processor AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor

    Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB

    Graphics AMD Radeon HD 5450

    Gaming graphics 2303 MB Total available graphics memory

    Primary hard disk 532GB Free (931GB Total)

    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Manufacturer System manufacturer

    Model System Product Name

    Total amount of system memory 4.00 GB RAM

    System type 64-bit operating system

    Number of processor cores 4

    Total size of hard disk(s) 1229 GB

    Disk partition (C: ) 532 GB Free (931 GB Total)

    Media drive (D: ) CD/DVD

    Disk partition (E: ) 5 MB Free (291 GB Total)

    Disk partition (F: ) 539 MB Free (7 GB Total)

    Display adapter type AMD Radeon HD 5450

    Total available graphics memory 2303 MB

    Dedicated graphics memory 512 MB

    Dedicated system memory 0 MB

    Shared system memory 1791 MB

    Display adapter driver version

    Primary monitor resolution 1600x900

    DirectX version DirectX 10

    After a bit of fiddling with everything, I did finally get this past the boost stage.



    But also after several launches till I got one with a boost profile that was workable. I think I had the SRBs on 75% thrust and the lifted me to over 10k.

    A lot of the fiddling was getting the SRBs placed, as just a smidge of vertical movement is the difference between clipping and proper attachment to the decouplers.



    I did try the looking up camera trick, and it did bring game time up to normal, but I'm a bit leery of fiddling with the configuration.

  2. I've tried thrust limiting on both types of SRBs to 75%, 67%, 50%, 33% and 25% and at 25% the rocket sits on the pad. I don't have pictures available but the central vehicle is a simple lander on top of 4 or 5 LFO tanks and a '45 gimbaled engine and 4 winglets . I have tried both small and large SRBs radially attached, with either one or two decouplers (as needed), and even tried four '45s with fuel tanks as the boosters. The core flies okay by itself and I've tried various throttling schemes, and if I make orbit, I don't have enough fuel to head towards the Mun, so that's why I started adding SRBs. Everything in the VAB looks symmetrical, and I patiently made sure that the SRB's were attached to the decouplers correctly. I checked and rechecked the staging, and I'm just running out of things to try.

    I may have to go back to .22, and hope that .24 works out for me when it is released.

  3. .23 has been very frustrating for me....Things that I've had a reasonable amount, but not insurmountable, difficulties with are now unworkable. With comparable graphics settings between .21, .22 and .23 I'm now saddled 1:4 game versus real-time lag. It is frustrating to find that others have cleared the tech tree with three missions, while I'm still trying to get my lander into orbit. Any time I use SRBs, large or small, as boosters around the central craft, the rocket starts keeling over before I reach 1000m, and on some flights I even get a roll that I can't seem to control. The WASD controls don't seem to respond at all, but that could be due to the lag.

    I've even tried to launch some of my designs from .22 and I'm still having problems.

    I haven't modded .23 yet, and I had just picked up the batteries and landing gear on my .23 career.

  4. While I don't seem to have an insurmountable issue right-clicking on the command module or an EVAing Kerbal, the right-click feature seem gone on all other objects. In one of my earlier flights since .23, due to a staging issue I tried to deploy the chute by right-clicking, but I couldn't get the object's menu to open. Last night, I was flying a Rapier powered spaceplane, and after successfully transitioning from air-breathing to rocket and back. The staging showed I was out of fuel, but resources showed I still had a third of my fuel on-board and available for the stage. I couldn't right-click to open up my fuel tanks to diagnose where the fuel was, or even to transfer. I'm careful not to move the mouse when right-clicking, as I read on a post yesterday that the program could be thinking you're changing the viewpoint.

  5. I had designed, made corrections and had successfully taken off with a two Rapier engined spaceplane in less than a half hour. So far seems a lot more stable than any of my Spike series craft, and actually doesn't need the entre runway to takeoff. I'm only using a single RAM intake per engine so far, but I won't know if I need more till later. But I had to cut the flight off quickly, as my lunch time was over, so I'll see if I can get 'er to altitude later.

  6. Do Rockomax adaptors only work one way?

    In building my skycrane/rover launcher, I had inverted a 4-to-1 adaptor attempting to attach the big orange tank to the de-couplers at the bottom of my intermediate stage. On the launch pad, there is always a failure at this adaptor, like the parts are not really connected. I have everything strutted as much as possible, though it won't let me strut to or across the adaptor.

  7. Yes, I tried out the Vampire, and I used the lazor configuration on my craft. My craft still oscillated about +/- 12 degrees from my chosen bearing making it difficult to climb to the altitude I wanted. Putting in desired altitude and bearing into the interface is an adventure in itself, as I can't just type in the values I desire, as I have to activate these settings to change them, then backspace and hit keys so I hopefully end up with the heading I want, not 10 or 220, while I'm trying for 90 degrees. I can't seem to break 7000m altitude under the Lazor system while I have had my spaceplane in orbit before.

    I think the red lazor interface needs a separate execute button, instead of the crapshoot I get when I try to adjust anything.

    I have enough TWR that I can climb to altitude, but I just need something to control roll and unwanted lateral movement. Just give me pitch control and I'll be circumnavigating.

  8. Seems I'm not the only one with issues with B9 landing gear. Actually saw the front landing gear slide back on the Mk2 component I had it attached to, then it stutters till the plane reaches just over 30 m/s, when said landing gear pogos the nose up before I have enough airspeed to takeoff, then slamming the nose down on the runway. I'm going to try un-installing FAR to see if it fixes the issue for me.

    Well FAR's not the issue...

  9. DaMichel

    Quote Originally Posted by TeeGee View Post

    What's going on with the landing gear? I can't even get my plane off the runway without exploding due to gear bending, twisting or flipping my plane well before takeoff. I've tried every position I know and always end up with a crash.

    I have the same issue lately (with the reinforced connections mod + FAR + some others). The stock landing gear seems to work fine. I'm sure that it is some sort of addon incompatibility issue since it appeared after updating some addons. Before that i could usually take off if i was careful enough. Now the friction seems to stick the gear to the ground, almost impossible to move. Was too lazy to investigate though ;)

    Seems I'm not the only one with issues with B9 landing gear. Actually saw the front landing gear slide back on the Mk2 component I had it attached to, then it stutters till the plane reaches just over 30 m/s, when said landing gear pogos the nose up before I have enough airspeed to takeoff, then slamming the nose down on the runway. I'm going to try un-installing FAR to see if it fixes the issue for me.

  10. Okay, what am I missing about the Red Lazor system? I had just taken off with my spaceplane, turned on the Lazor system to control attitude and bearing. I had set my bearing (heading) for 90 degrees and for a climb to 21000 meters. At about 15000 and over Mach 1.2, I wasn't on course anymore and I had stopped climbing, in fact I was starting to pendulum, but actually the swing was increasing. I've had no problems with getting the craft to altitude before, and thought the Lazor system would help me to perform some long range flights, without me having to babysit.

    I have also had instances, where I had no keyboard control when I tried to recover.

  11. It veers either right or left, with or without SAS. Sometimes the spaceplane survives coming off a left side veer and I've been able to take off. And trying to correct the veer usually results in a worse crash as the correction ends up as a sharper turn than expected, rolling the plane. I was trying to see if the Lazor mod could manage my cruising flight, but I haven't been able to take off and get to altitude to attempt to use these features.

  12. 4a868d38-39f9-40a9-a9be-b1a701e62089_zps5cee9ada.jpg

    And with getting .22 all settled and the necessary mods installed, I finally got back to getting Spike 4 flying. With one of the other landing gear options now available I was able to bring the nose up for a shorter takeoff run, without needing the pylon. I added a tail gear to limit my initial nose up, and to keep from scraping the tail cone off. As the wings are now crossfuel capable, I got rid of the LFO fuel lines. I added an RCS system, and added some batteries, as I still using electric while in orbit. I found out that in addition to changing the Sabre mode from air-breather to rocket, I had to also shut off the air intake. Before I added the intakes to the mode switch action group, at about 30km I'd get a flame-out and then the engines would never act in sync. And unlike before, I couldn't recover as the Sabres would start up at different times and put Spike into a flat spin.

    So I've taken off and got into orbit, now I got to land the spaceplane.

  13. screenshot21_zps16012cc1.png

    Instead of just throwing Jeb around the planet, and with the continents being contiguous, I thought to build a rover to take him around the Kerbin. The route I originally was going to take was through a pass I saw through the mountains west of the KSC. It took me 54 minutes game time to get to the base of the mountain and start my drive up.

    And I got pretty far up too, but because of the battery, I had to be careful crossing certain ridgelines as it would become dislodged. I missed what appeared to be the route between two peaks, but instead found myself with no other direction to go. I couldn't even go back down without the rover accelerating out of control.


    So I recalled the rover and going to try and skirt the mountains instead.

  14. Then I must have a hidden files thang going on as all I have in the Saves folder is Scenario and Training folders, and I couldn't find the .craft files I wanted to move from my career to my sandbox.

    The game works fine otherwise, but I'll recheck my permissions as something is going on keeping me from viewing these files.

  15. I was sandboxing with another ion drive probe and using MechJeb. Really wish MJ had an option to set throttle when auto-piloting, as at full burn the drive uses up energy faster than the panels can recover it. This causes the drive to stutter, as the battery power is used up, as it gets just the charge for a burst. I don't know if the effect ends up being the same i.e., stuttering at full throttle or constant at a lower throttle setting? But with ion drives, the burn estimate is really just a estimate.

    Oh and I did just get the reactor this weekend in the career mode, so don't bring that up as an option...I'll get there.

  16. I just explored Duna and Ike with a probe powered by a single ion engine, and boy those hours long burns without the ability to warp really tries your patience. I got both high above and near series of experimentation done to gain around 2k-3k science. On Ike approach, though I used my RCS as I got impatient, and understood that with about 500 units of xenon (out of 3700, at launch), the probe wasn't going to be able to go any further to get new data. I was using eight 1x6 solar panels the power the probe, and at times had to throttle the engines back as to balance electric power in vs. power being used. I'd post a screenshot, but this isn't working for me currently. Used the last of the xenon to escape Duna and ended up with a elliptical kerbol orbit.

    I wouldn't recommend ion drives unless you want to babysit KSP as it resolves your maneuvers.

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