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  1. Here's the sitchiashun: I'm currently testing one of my best fighter designs ever, the K-39. As you see in the screenies, I'm on team B, and the Radar and SAM site are on team A. I have Radar and SAM in guard mode, and my trigger is on. The data link between the two is active. No matter how close I fly, something between the Radar and the SAM doesn't click. When I switch to the Radar, I see myself on it, but it won't lock. I have a Weapon Manager on each vehicle. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks A LOT! never knew Squad had a spot in my registry. It's a good thing there's people like you! +1 Reputation
  3. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but my launcher loads up SUPER small, to the point where I can't read ANY text. I can still click buttons, but I'd like to be able to read the news, too . What can I do to fix this?
  4. Yep, having pilots is now even more important. Will keep in mind
  5. I'm hoping to do a medium-sized mission to Duna. I'm gonna build a mothership with a probe and lander and head for Duna, landing kerbals on Ike and the probe on Duna.
  6. I wish I could do so... what does it take? How big of a ship?
  7. Just thought I'd show this to you guys, I've been neglecting Duna for quite some time now, and I managed to get there, but with no way to return, thanks to my chutes ripping apart my return stage. But anyway, got a nice screenie!
  8. ...when you have to leave half-full fuel tanks behind because of maneuvering problems.
  9. I agree! x64 was pretty stable for me, but I downgraded to x32 because x64 didn't have a lot of mod support for the mods I wanted.
  10. At long last... Chapter 5! Genenand's heart raced as he strapped himself into the cockpit of the Raven. This was his fighter pilot checkride, the flight that would determine his rank at C7. He had been up all last night fantasizing,studying, and just plain milling about, waiting for the C7 gates to open that morning. "Belts?" Goefbus radioed from the back seat. "Tight!" Genenand called back. "APU?" In startup mode." "Okay. We're go to start the engine!" Genenand flicked a toggle switch, and took in every sound and smell he could as the turbojet engine spooled up. His N1 needle then flicked up
  11. Great Start! Just a couple suggestions: 1.After every new person speaking, add a new space. Example: "Hi" Bob said. "What's up?" Jeb replied. 2. Try looking up some synonyms for the words you used.Example: The slight smell of a BBQ could be smelled Find a synonym for "smelled" 3.Look at "the revenge of genenand kerman",my own story, for any Ideas or help you might need.Link in my signature. Looking forward to chapter two!
  12. BREAKING NEWS At Precisely 7:01 AM CST this morning, November 17, My SSTO made it to a 70x135 km orbit with fuel to spare. Amazing, right? Thanks to all of you who took time to offer your advice to me on this topic. I will continue to improve at SSTOs, thanks to you guys. Screenie!
  13. thanks capi3101, That was very in depth, and the threads were helpful too. Thanks to all who have considered this and decided to help me out. I actually made it on a sub-orbital trajectory 1/4 the way around Kerbin just yesterday!
  14. 1-With my latest ship, I'm going around 700-1100m/s 2-I'm around 15000-30000m up 3-I go up to 45 right away. 4-I cut the rockets as soon as my AP is 71000m.
  15. Slashy, I've been able to get to step 2, It's just the gap-bridging part that kills me. I try to add rocket engines and fuel, but they add too much weight. I try using the RAPIER, but It's thrust is too low and it NUKES fuel in its rocket mode. How can I get a good balance?
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