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  1. On 7/15/2020 at 3:26 AM, Abducted_Cow said:

    If anything like KSP 1, I'll launch another "Flea" solid booster rocket. That's how we all start a new update, right?

    1.  "launch" a pod on the runway
    2.  earn enough science to get plane parts
    3.  takeoff, hit F5
    4.  land (may involve 20-30 holdings of F9)
    5.  wait for LinuxGamerGuru to port Kramax
    6. if I'm lucky, get enough research to take my plane suborbital
    7. then...
    • curse
    • download the update
    • goto 1
  2. I'm having trouble with the luarocks stuff -


    C:\WINDOWS\system32>luarocks install protobuf
    Installing http://luarocks.org/repositories/rocks/protobuf-1.1.1-0.rockspec...
    Cloning into 'protobuf-lua'...
    remote: Enumerating objects: 190, done.
    remote: Total 190 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 190
    Receiving objects: 100% (190/190), 63.65 KiB | 372.00 KiB/s, done.
    Resolving deltas: 100% (101/101), done.
    cl /MD /O2 -c -Foprotobuf/pb.obj -IC:/Program Files (x86)/Lua/5.1/include protobuf/pb.c
    'cl' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    Error: Build error: Failed installing protobuf/wire_format.lua in C:\Program Files (x86)\Lua\5.1\rocks/protobuf/1.1.1-0/lua/protobuf


  3. On 7/29/2018 at 1:11 AM, raidernick said:

    that's a stock problem and not fixable in RSS. The stock runway is made of "pieces" and they don't line up 100% correctly. However, the misalignment is so small you can't tell. When RSS makes everything larger this misalignment gets worse and breaks the runway. You can get around this by either using the grass next to the runway, or by installing a mod like kerbal konstructs and adding new runways or adding the real KSC mod.

    I'm not entirely sure that's correct - if the runway positioning was simply scaled then the pieces would be separated from each other - whatever is doing the scaling is only scaling the height. If instead of newHeight=10 * oldHeight it decided on a reference height for each collection of statics, then used newHeight=10 * referenceHeight  + (oldHeight - referenceHeight) the runway should be no worse than in stock.

  4. I like the idea of this mod, but don't get a lot of time to play.... I started a rp-0 game but want the 1.2 bug fixes, and want USI support.

    You mention TestFlight, but don't list it, are this or Unnamed Part Failure Mod 'compatible'

    The Taerobee mod should probably be moved to required mods, or at least have "needed for early aircraft parts" added to the description.

    It stumbles on British Rockets, but I can't work out why - the .cfg for waxwing has SolidFuel and Gamma has minThrust:


    [LOG 21:28:29.293] [ModuleManager] Applying node SRP-0/Throttle/GenericThrottleLimiter/@PART[*]:HAS[~tphase1[*rue],@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[!PROPELLANT[IntakeAtm],!PROPELLANT[SolidFuel],~minThrust[>0]],!MODULE[ModuleEnginesAJEJet]]:FOR[zzzzz_SRP0ThrottleLimiter] to British Rockets/Parts/Black Arrow/ba_waxwing/part/BR_BA_waxwing
    [LOG 21:28:29.294] [ModuleManager] Cannot find key maxThrust in MODULE
    [LOG 21:28:29.295] [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when replacing (%) key minThrust = #$maxThrust$
    [LOG 21:28:29.296] [ModuleManager] Applying node SRP-0/Throttle/GenericThrottleLimiter/@PART[*]:HAS[~tphase1[*rue],@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[!PROPELLANT[IntakeAtm],!PROPELLANT[SolidFuel],~minThrust[>0]],!MODULE[ModuleEnginesAJEJet]]:FOR[zzzzz_SRP0ThrottleLimiter] to British Rockets/Parts/Engines/Gamma/part/BR_Gamma_Nozzle


  5. The main goal is achieve reusability, once spacex achieve that, then the ratio of possible failure will drop considerably.

    Is like I said before, you will feel more secure flying in a 747 that fly often, or in a new 747 which never was in the air?

    That is the thing that happen with rockets right now, there is not way to fully tested them (also is very expensive even try to test them to reduce chances of failure), until you dont press the launch button nobody knows.

    It was a second stage failure, I though Mr Musk had abandoned plans to reuse those.

  6. How can I merge two ships in the VAB?


    Decide how you want to join them together.

    Load the first craft.

    Change the root node on the first craft so it will attach where you want it to.

    Drag the first craft into a sub-assembly.

    Open the second craft

    Drag the first craft from the sub-asembly

    Attach it.

    sort out the struts, fuel lines and staging.

  7. Living in the UK, we buy all our goods in grams and kilos.

    Just because some older people still use the old way of measurement colloquially (even then usually solely for personal weight) does not mean it is ubiquitous.

    I wish this was true. Just two years ago I asked for half a kilo of mature cheddar, and the counter assistant gave me 478 grams, and apologised for it being a bit over. The fresh from school darling had converted the half kilo to a pound, and then tried to cut me 454 grams.

    - - - Updated - - -

    What's that in gallons ?

    Just under twelve and a half of her majesty's gallons. Nearly fifteen American ones.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well, I find that I like metric for working with numbers and imperial for working with people. It's easier to say you're a foot from something than 30.48 centimeters. And it's easier to put 30.48 centimeters into the calculator than it is to put 3/16ths of an inch.

    You'd agree, then, it's easier to say a rocket is four metres wide than four yards, one foot, one and 7.685 sixteenths of an inch?

  8. Carry multiple parts all through the entire flight just to help in the last few moments? Possible, but wasteful.

    Why bother with parachutes then?

    The game has a mechanic which rewards the player financially for bringing back as much of the craft as possible. But this issue with the aerodynamics, however, penalizes one for bringing back additional parts. If it's the case now that we must discard everything but the capsules when landing on kerbin, they might as well scrap the parts recovery system as well, because then it would only meaningfully apply to aircraft and spaceplanes.

    If you want to bring more parts back, you have to design around it. The extra cost of bringing parts back will often outweigh the savings - look at how little of Apollo was reusable. Look at how much payload Musk will lose when he boost backs his lower stage.

    I'd love to. So far, however, it's been my experience that chutes opened at the altitudes/temps where this is happening are quickly destroyed.
    Does that include drogues? I honestly don't know I've never had need to use them.
    What I am saying is that the attributes of the parts are arbitrary and entirely under the control of the game's makers, and it would eliminate a problem I (and possibly others) are having if the part attributes were adjusted.

    So you want the science bay and the fuel tanks to be made of lead, so they will lead during rentry?

  9. I'd like to repeat my question: with the current aero, would they even help? As I understand it, a heatshield only protects the stack, not radially-attached parts. A wider heat shield may look as if it should work, but doesn't work in practice. Am I mistaken?

    You are mistaken. The drag model works that way, but the re-entry heat works with a "shock cone" built into the model.

  10. if you tell me a stick of butter, I KNOW that it's roughly 1/2 of a cup or 8 tablespoons. It's not insane by a long shot.

    Nope, a cup of butter is also insane. Perhaps it's just that Britain is a cold country, but "square block" and "round hole" come to mind.

    I can just about cope with the idea of using cups to measure flour and sugar - if I can't find a "better" recipe (tell me, how tight is tightly packed?), but I prefer to weigh liquids.

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