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  1. Ooops, you're right, it was R(0-Pitch, Yaw, Roll). The three argument form was in 0.92 - https://github.com/Nivekk/KOS/blob/f87b56f0ec27019798ef2ef85451133dd84e137d/Expression.cs#L434-L444
  2. Ah, you lost the optional third argument when you tidied it up. I can use this instead, but it would be nice if it could find it's way back into the language.... LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(0,0)*R(0-Pitch, Yaw, Roll).
  3. So... what replaced heading(pitch,roll,yaw)? - It still produces a R()otation, but if you try to use it it gives a cast error? SET Pitch to 90. SET Roll to -90. SET Yaw TO 0. LOCK STEERING TO HEADING(Pitch, Yaw, Roll). Now gives "cannot cast from source type to destination type. (Cannot show kOS Error Location - error might really be internal. See kOS devs.)"
  4. their main property is that they improve prograde stability, as demonstrated in the video.
  5. here you go, a test I did to demonstrate the effect of nose cones the longer your rocket, the more pronounced the effect - cones in front of CoM = stability, cones behind = instability - which is not the case if it was "angular drag". Kasula's "turning slower" and landing cone down are explained by the same prograde stability that pushing the centre of drag behind the center of mass causes. however, for the effect to be of much use. the nose cones have to constitute a significant portion of the mass of your vessel... which makes them a bit of a problem. use canards instead.
  6. lander & launcher it was a SPH craft, so I launch it from the runway. The launcher is unstable 30km throttle to full, stage, , sas on at 500m, drop throttle to 12 when the overheat bar comes on. wait 'till 20K for a very gradual gravity turn to horizontal at 30K. (or start a gravity turn at 4km, never pushing the craft facing above the top edge of the prograde marker)
  7. Poppycock. I've already stated my opinion that kOS isn't ready for this sort of challenge, I've expanded the kOS issue tracker for this with further variable types that cause issues. there are actually three bugs here the kebalscript interpreter can't parse its state dumps. (that's an "in game" bug, and like the unterminated string or brace bugs I'm happy for them to stand) the seconds is that the kOS game mod allows kerbalscript bugs to break it. unterminated strings, missing closing braces and state dump problems should simply result in a briked kOS computer, that a reboot may or may not f
  8. version 1 version 2, full flight, 14 aerobraking dips and a 15th lithobraking entry. Highlights: Final re-entry starts around 11:40; 30,000M for renerty plasma at 13:15; the craft finally gets enough atmospheric bite at 6500m 14:50; actual ship landing starts at 16:25 version 2 landing in/on water
  9. Sorry, I was unclear: a well written KerbalScript 0.9.2 prgram clears problematic varibales before it finsihes. in general it's only a few that you need to worry about - strings, and values that may become very small or large, and vessels That one works around problems in the software envirnment is a real world practice, and as an anecdote, back in 1991, I wrote chemical plant control software and the compilers' optimiser had a glitch whereby it would fail to return the value of a variable it had optimised into a register. To work around this many of my functions ended return val; stoopi
  10. well, a well written program cleans up it's dangerous variables before shutting down for a save, so strictly speaking not needed.... when my lunar module separates from my command/support module and lands on the target, the C/SM is "unloaded" by KSP as soon as the craft are 2.5km apart. In order for the C/SM to retrieve the LM (once it has taken off and established a low orbit), the user needs to switch to the C/SM, open the kOS module and manually run something. Currently There are several mods that purport to prevent KSP from unloading craft, which would mean that the C/SM would be able t
  11. most of those should be done by doing, instead of precaclulating absolutely - a system like this would have dot and cross product hardware (and probably triple and quad product) - but I only have a little free time, and my planned modifcations to the language are about forth in line of my KSP things to do.
  12. A second, similar design, landed with no damage both attempts I made, the first on land (after 8 hours of dipping into the atmosphere) the second flight didn't actually go above 8000m, but successfully landed on water in exactly the same way it would have done had it gone through the whole orbital procedure. Video/craft to follow. The mountain problem is still a threat, so I might see if I can minimise that by designing the lander to cricle. but my desire for atmospheric simulation (with simplification by hard-bodying if performance really is an issue) is far more about letting the carrier air
  13. it's trivial to do - most toy plane kits before radio control managed to land without crashing. it took me 5 mintes to build my test craft - it took me longer to build the launch vehicle that could cope with the aerodynamics pulling it off course - in retrospect I should have simply put two landers on top of the rocket belly to belly. (last night was my first visit to the forum since my previous post) I imagine so, it worked on the first flight I got out of atmosphere. Unfortunately my upgrade to windows 8 destroyed my filesystem, but pretty much all of my space planes would have large part
  14. I know what a pull request is, and they implement omniscience - e.g. adammada's position of a node; and ORB:ECCENTRICITY - both of which I hope are rejected, should Kevin ever return.
  15. Done. The wings snapped off, but the pilot survived. If it had landed "on land" without crashing into a mountain it would probably survive in one piece.
  16. It's made people ask for a lot of things, wether they are good or not is a different matter - several of the "pull requests" and "issues" are pushing for omniscience.
  17. Can I use an unload preventer mod? I am currently prompting to go and wake the other processor, but it's messy.
  18. I wrote a control loop solution to inclination, but it slowed the game to 3 FPS when running.... I unpacked the LOCK statements and it takes a side of printerpaper to write out by hand, so I'm going to go back to calculating a node then running it - it's a pain, it means I do a rough adjustment, then half an orbit and a fine adjustment, but.... even doubling clock speed on the CPU would still leave it on it's knees and I don't see a 7.5GHz processor happening any time soon
  19. SET burnNode TO NODE(TIME:SECONDS, 0) <launch> <circularise> UNITL WonTheGame = 1 { PRINT "Waiting for transfer window at "+ETA:SECONDS. UNTIL burnNode:ETA > TIME:SECONDS { WAIT 10. RUN VESSEL:NAME+"nextburn". } ADD burnNode. LOCK STEERING TO burnNode. SET dT TO burnNode:DELTAV:MAG*MASS/MAXTHRUST. WHEN TIME:SECONDS > burnNode:ETA - (dT/2) THEN LOCK THROTTLE TO 1. WAIT burnNode:ETA+(dt/22)-TIME:SECONDS. LOCK THROTTLE TO 0. REMOVE burnNode. } } Then when you messed up your encounter you can edit your "myshipnextburn" file to add a line to the bo
  20. they're aliens. just add "Jane Kerman", who is space crazy in a orange jumpsuit and increase the name generator dictionary to include names that we might associate with hujman females. I'm thinking Alex, Bill, Chris, Drew, Emery, Frankie, Gale, Harley, Irma, Jackie, Kasey, Loren, Marion, Nikita, Ollie, Pat, Quinn, Robin, Sidney, Tracy, Urma, ?, Whitney, ?, ?, ?
  21. the system loads the program into memory before running it, so you can safely go out of range, or edit it back at ground control.
  22. Absolutely - here's my launcher program COPY att TO 1. COPY tail TO 1. COPY periapsis TO 1. COPY tryinlight TO 1. //amusements... IF STATUS = "PRELAUNCH" { clearscreen. IF STATUS = "PRELAUNCH" OR STATUS = "FLYING" { RUN tan_ascent(72000,2.2). //Target Altitude, Gs of thrust }. print "Well, at least Jeb looks happy". if STATUS = "SUB ORBITAL" { RUN periapsis(73000,19). //target altitude, m/s acceleration }. SWITCH TO 1. //do not rely on ground control... if STATUS = "ORBITING" { PRINT "you can have some snacks when it's a neat circle". UNTIL PERIAPSIS > 74000 and APOAPSIS &
  23. I was talking about the general case, not the "exceptional" periods. Otherwise you could simply have your main program be "switch to 0.until 0{run nextcommand.}.
  24. accessing stuff fromk the archive is... going against the premise of the challenge - that things should be local to the craft to avoid problems with the speed of light. Personally I think kOS is still a little immature for this challenge, but I'm hoping to add a PROM and mid 70s stlye boot loader - once I've finished fiddling with using kOS to do the efficiency challenge - I'm at 8 units of fuel so far, I will get it to double figures..... but my next mission may well be an automated apollo style moon landing.
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