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  1. I received my Jebediah figure today, and found it covered with a very fine powder. I have read about this somewhere (I thought it was on this Forum, but I couldn't find it). The author of that statement said it was no problem. What I want to know is...has anyone else received their Jebediah in a similar condition, and how did you deal with it. I suppose just a blast of air from a compressor (mine is a small compressor for running an airbrush) or even a "can of air" for cleaning keyboards and such. Maybe if the worst comes to the worst, a brush. My problem is, I don't want to damage him. Has
  2. Well, I only got this game last week, and I didn't know that the OP contained IP of anyone, let alone a forum member here, and that it had been used previously in the game. As I said, so much for trying to bring a bit of levity into the forum.
  3. Pardon me, I was attempting to pass on something that I considered humorous. I wasn't aware that a complete lack of humour in certain people would cause them to take offence. PS I never said it was my work, I even intimated that it may be the work of NASA. I don't know who XKCD is or that he plays KSP. If it is indeed his work, then I am sorry if it was out of place showing it to the forum members here.
  4. Post removed as it was someone else's IP. I apologise to everyone that I have offended and everyone whose IP I have stolen inadvertently. So much for a bit of fun. Check Six
  5. Thanks for the quick response chaps. Perhaps it wasn't clearly stated enough that the little box with an arrow indicating there was something on the bottom of the screen I could access by clicking that arrow. The box with the arrow IS there, but I can't utilise it for some reason. Anyway, if it comes down to running this game in a windowed mode all the time to enable me to click on that arrow and access the nav ball when I am in Map mode, it is not going to happen. I CAN use Num Pad period key, and that will suffice. I think you answered my question on whether or not to fire all my engines at
  6. As I am quite new to this game, I have many questions that require an answer. I do understand how the Forum search engine works, and I HAVE checked for the answer, but could find nothing. 1) I have seen many YouTube videos and Tutorials (yes, already! doing my homework), and after each and every flight, whether it achieves its mission objective (ie achieve orbit, land on Mun etc) a window pops up with the Flight Details. I have yet to see this, and have checked my settings for an unticked "Display Flight Details Window" or something similar, and have no idea why I do not receive this valuable
  7. Thanks again for the warm welcome and much needed advice. I will indeed practice all the manoeuvres required to eventually lead to interplanetary travel and habitats on moons or other extra terrestrial bodies (err...extra Kerbal bodies?) and space stations. I have begun my initial series of missions attempting to achieve orbit (of course, I have already achieved it in the in game tutorial, and have even orbited the Mun, but that was is a vessel not of my design. I have a TON of questions, but this is not the place for them. I hope to see you in other portions of this very helpful Forum. Thanks
  8. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I just checked, and as far as I can tell, I'm not a bot, but you can never be too sure. I watched some very informative tutorials on YouTube today at work, and in the one I saw that focused on landing on one of the moons, it suggested that Mun has a higher gravity (I think that was the reason) and therefore is a poorer candidate for a lunar landing as it required more fuel and larger capacity engines or perhaps just a larger payload. I guess that orbiting the Mun a few times and returning would not use as much fuel as a landing (and hopefully a return to t
  9. Hi everyone. New to KSP and new to this Forum. I was checking out YouTube vids for another game/sim and came across a tutorial for KSP (by Squirrel or maybe dasquirrelnuts) and watched it and was hooked. I came home, ordered, paid for, downloaded and was up and running within an hour. I did the tutorial missions, but failed to achieve an intercept with the Mun. I think maybe I need to adjust my thrust as I was intercepting it at about 90 degrees ahead, not 45 like the tutorial suggests. Am I right in saying that? Anyway, I have plenty of time to discover interplanetary travel, as I started fro
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