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  1. I do it like this most of the time. Single hohmann transfer into my target's SOI. However, then I do a mid-course correction or a burn about 10-20 days before intercept. Works pretty well(waiting for a window is necessary of course). I often try to set my nodes in such a way that for example allows me to get into a polar orbit well before entering target's SOI.
  2. R&D looks really good, it's a great base for resources and advanced technology such as better engines, maybe warp drives and so on.
  3. "Squadcast Episode 1 coming to you Tonight! on 18:00 CDT, 23:00 GMT!"
  4. About 170 tons is my record for an interplanetary vessel, done in 0.16 version(yes, without docking). It could land on water and then get into orbit again, that's why it looks so weird. And it could swim around as well! Here's the link to my really old post about it:
  5. 18:00 CST is like the worst time possible for the whole Europe. Let's hope we'll be able to see the recorded video on Twitch tomorrow.
  6. And a few other bands of this kind, such as: Vader Finntroll Korpiklaani and so on.
  7. Invaded again? Come on... how many times can we be invaded.
  8. My first time landing on Mun was a lithobreaking, then I lost a couple of crews in Kerbin orbit after trying to get them home. It was also the first time I've successfuly completed "docking", way before 0.14.
  9. Some people(especially on Steam) are using outdated mods, which don't help at all. I wonder how can it be that SAS works for some people(me included) and doesn't for some. It's just weird. I have yet to notice any major bugs, there is some sound problem, it cracks and freezes when loading the game/areas but other than that, this update made the game run better on my PC.
  10. None so far, had to use an escape system once though, because the ship tore apart in the middle of the launch pad.
  11. I've played a little bit, ASAS works well. It's different but in a good way.
  12. Could also be this:
  13. New space center looks just fantastic, can't wait to play. Also, astronaut complex is amazing.