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  1. On 9/1/2019 at 2:18 AM, jamqdlaty said:

    The contracts bug is still there. What's worse - I didn't even use FMRS during this playthrough. It's just installed. I never reverted to any stage. BUT there's another issue - sometimes when I wasn't focused on the ship that I started with and clicked ESC > Space Center it reverted my last flight instead. From what I've been reading here, the contract bug happens when reverting flight. I wanted to go reusable at some point, but had to remove the mod instead. :(

    I see I posted about this myself in the past.
    Just lost over an hour, I switched vessels multiple times and then got back to KSC just to see everything I did reverted and my Rocket back at the launchpad. How is this not listed as a known issue in the first post? I like the idea behind the mod and I'd like to use it sometimes, but it's ridiculous that I have to remember about this one mod ruining my game when I DON'T really use it's functionality.

  2. On 9/4/2019 at 4:53 PM, Kaa253 said:

    This only happens if you don't close the FMRS Flight Manager GUI before switching to another vessel or even before exiting the game directly from the flight scene. Yes, it's difficult to remember to close it and very annoying.

    If only I didn't have 10 GUI windows on my screen at all times, I might notice the small FMRS panel. ;)

  3. The contracts bug is still there. What's worse - I didn't even use FMRS during this playthrough. It's just installed. I never reverted to any stage. BUT there's another issue - sometimes when I wasn't focused on the ship that I started with and clicked ESC > Space Center it reverted my last flight instead. From what I've been reading here, the contract bug happens when reverting flight. I wanted to go reusable at some point, but had to remove the mod instead. :(

  4. Ok, I connected this part to space station and all robotics stopped working. Even other parts (not only pistons). Undocked, they're still not working. I've got connection, I've got power. All that robotic thing wiggles. Hinges are loose (motors are enabled, tried disabling and enabling), pistons extend and contract with station movement. Not sure if it's caused by RT, but seeing what kind of issues there were, my bet is this is related.

    EDIT: It just... fixed itself at some point. I mean I still can't move pistons, but they're retracted and I can control other robotic parts.

  5. 3 minutes ago, TaxiService said:

    Yes, there is one workaround. Get your crew out of the manned command pod (just hug the pod) and let the vessel to be remotely-controlled. After this, you can retract/extend the piston remotely. The problem is actually a stock bug, in which targetExtension set by player via PartActionMenu is not passed to targetPosition unlike other robotic parts like hinge.

    Thanks, actually few minutes ago came up with the idea to cheat it with F12 as it was for low Kerbin orbit anyway. I just created the thing with extended pistons and teleported it to orbit. Next time I face this issue I'll try what you said.

  6. [EDITED: pinpointed the issue] Does anyone have a good workaround to use pistons on a probe? I need to use them just once on orbit. If I have both probe module AND command pod, pistons don't work. They only work when there's no probe control modules on ship. :/ I tried disabling RT in config, didn't help. Removing RT, leaving only parts doesn't help either as then there are missing modules.

  7. On 8/24/2019 at 5:33 PM, _Zee said:

    Feel free to continue adding to the backlog until that time. :) 

    A little question/suggestion, cause something is not clear for me. There's that requirement for probe contracts: "Ensure that your vessel's name is tagged as a PROBE". Why? It already checks if the vessel crew capacity equals 0. I had to cheat completion of one mission cause I forgot to check the tag. I don't understand why is it important. Maybe this requirement can be just removed?

  8. 7 minutes ago, Autolyzed Yeast Extract said:

    Also if anyone cares KSP 2 will NOT have clouds. Check the first image on the steam store page, look closely for a cloudless kerbin. Need more confirmation? Second image, no clouds at the launchpad. Scatterer and EVE guys, you know what to do when this comes out.



    Might be just graphics settings. There is not antialiasing on the screenshots, but there's no reason to assume it won'g be in game. My guess is - the game still struggles with optimization to the point where they can't comfortably take screenshots with better quality settings or they don't have some stuff implemented yet. Also I think the cloud on launchpad on one of the screenshots looks fake - not sure if it's photoshopped or just clouds don't drop shadows yet.

  9. Hi. DEVS, just wanted to let you know that there are issues with polish translation of the steam game description. All of it feels weird, I don't think the person translating the text knows what he/she is talking about.
    1. First sentence says that KSP 2 is a sequel to KSP which was created by Star Theory, which is of course not true.
    2. "Improved onboarding" was translated like "more interesting beginning" and it doesn't make much sense.
    3. Later in the text it also says that players will be delighted to take on a challenge of constructing new engines, parts, fuels etc instead of "Players will be delighted and challenged by next-generation engines(...)". Obviously we won't be creating engines ourselves.

  10. Wanted to leave some feedback to contracts too. So - I don't think returning probes home is something that should be in basic "Explore planet" contract. I rolled my eyes a bit when I saw there's that goal to achieve in this contract. Who would do that? Why? I'll probably just remove the contract by alt+f12 after landing a probe on the planet. It's an obvious goal for crewed missions, but for probes it doesn't make much sense. I'd really prefer to have ORBIT goal after flyby and before landing instead of returning the probe home.

  11. I'm playing with Remote Tech and I find it weird that antennas that reach  inner solar system are that far in tech tree. I'd expect antennas to be a bit simpler than some other tech. I believe nuclear engine is cheaper (in terms of science) than antenna that reaches EVE at all times. I'll need to science the $#!^ out of Mun and Minmus before I even send a probe to another planet. I think antennas should come earlier in the tree.

  12. 4 hours ago, IceCube said:


    @jamqdlaty I understand from Taxi Service’s comment that he is currently working on integrating the new dlc with RT. Just hope it comes soon as I do!

    I do hope. Yesterday I planned to start a new game wit the expansion pack, was a bit hyped. :P Downloaded few mods and then I noticed RT is not working with the new parts.  Here's accurate events reenactment of what happened to my hype:




  13. On 6/7/2019 at 5:24 PM, TaxiService said:

    No, it is not. The design choice of deployable science parts is strange and doesn't conform to a typical vessel design we modder are familiar with. Its power is just 0 or 1 and parts are not physically linked.

    I am trying to get RemoteTech to work with the science stations but I am not optimal.

    Wait, so I just bought the expansion for nothing? :P No way I'm playing KSP withour RT.

  14. There's some extremely annoying bug. I'm playing KSP 1.5.1. This happened to me 2nd time already - first time I wasn't sure what happened. So I started my mission of putting com sats on polar orbit. I put one sat on proper orbit, separated it from another sat, I started new mission - satellite that was going to another planet. After I set it on proper course I switched to com sats again, set them on erpfectly synchronized orbits, took my a long time, I clicked ESCAPE and then SPACE CENTER, I went pee, got back to see the last rocket on launch site. It basically undid everything since I launched that interplanetary sat. It happened 2nd time already. I know it's FMRS, because ESCAPE>revert flight doesn't let me revert to VAB, just like if I switched to another stage with FMRS. I just spent all day working, then played 2h of KSP to relax and just lost one of these two hours. I'm annoyed.

    EDIT: Ok, there's still hope in backup quicksaves.

  15. Hi. I haven't been playing KSP for some time now and I remembered now what irritated me the last time I played. I don't want to force flight to Duna (or other planets, actually I'm using GPP) if the transfer window isn't there. Next transfer to a planet that I currently getting a contract for is far ahead from now and before that there are transfer windows to plenty of other planets. I wouldn't want to warp and waste time, closing KSC for a year just to wait for transfer window to that specific planet and I also wouldn't want to miss contract rewards for other planets that I have transfer window to before the one specified in current contract. 
    Maybe there's already some mod for that? If not, I suppose I will just ignore the "world's first" contract for now and earn kerdits on satellites that I don't need and measuring  temperature in sh*tholes. Still I think basing contracts on transfer windows would be good idea for a mod.

  16. I'm trying to make boosters land with help of other mod. I've got a problem though. If I drop these boosters, autopilot disengages. I think the problem exists because of the command parts on boosters. Main rocket is still in focus, but autopilot stops working. Also ascent settings change to some old ones so I can't just press "engage" to continue. :/ Any solution to this?

  17. Hi. CKAN installed this mod for me as proposed by another mod, I didn't even know alt clicking to switch was a mod. That's a great feature, I used it without knowing that it works - it's just intuitive. What's not great is that alt is used to "toggle movement mode" while EVA. Did you consider problems that it may cause?

    Seems like I'm stuck with kerbals not aligning with camera when using RCS and not touching ground. I remember it started when I was alt-switching between vessels and kerbals, one kerbal started acting like this, another acted normally, but now I'm forced to pressing SPACE everytime I want any kerbal to align with camera. I changed key for "toggle movement mode" but it doesn't do anything. They align with camera when I press W when I'm touching the ground, but otherwise not.

    Actually just now I added 'W' as a secondary  key for aligning with camera, so that's a workaround, looks like it works fine this way. 
    EDIT: But its' still not that, before it aligned with camera when I pressed A,S or D too.

  18. I'm using dev #769 and I think I see an issue with rover autopilot. I never used MJ before, but I tried to google and looks like people didn't have such issues before.

    I'm adding n waypoints, "drive" button appears, I press it and... "heading control" auto checks, waypoint index is set to "0 of n" aaaand my rover is heading north. From what I googled, it should start with index of first waypoint, and waypoints are indexed from 1.

  19. Hi. I play Career mode and I'm done with Mun and Minmus. I play with Remote Tech, so I spent some more time around Kerbin and now that I have Duna Contract, the transfer window is very far. I accepted the contract and skipped some time, no new contract appeared. The closest transfer window is to Dres. What do you do in these situations? f you were me, would you just use your available funds and send mission to Dres to get science, or would you warp time and go by contracts, Duna first?

    I think the last time I played KSP with mods, I ended at the same spot. The transfer window for Duna was way ahead of me and doing more contracts around Kerbin sounded boring.