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  1. bitch i\'ll kick your ass and then my writing will beat the teeth out of you with a lead-lined baceball bat...IM IN LETS DO THIS
  2. if you want complicated, try orbiter
  3. .22 rifles with scopes ( i know because i have a .22 myself)
  4. The F-1 engines in game dont gimbal, and the desc. confirms that, however, the .cfg says that it should and the gimbal range is confused... EDIT nevermind...figured it out! EDIT NOPE still doesnt work...kinda annoying
  5. ermm... i keep getting a \'file invalid\' from windows when i try and open the .zip :/
  6. good lord...its all right, a friend of the probe is a friend of mine!
  7. I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!! really? I mean REALLY!! you decided to be a lazy fat F*ck and not do the research for yourself?btw its bob
  8. mojoey


    As much as i like hamburgers, especially Wendy\'s burgers, im not putting Dave\'s hot and juicy ANYTHING in my mouth
  9. 20+ downloads?!?! so, how do you guys like it? some feedback would be nice
  10. Thanks for the 10+ downloads! for a basic .cfg edit, this seems to work pretty well