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  1. PC: processor- intel core2duo E6750 2.60 Ghz motherboard- AsRock ConRoe 1333-ESATA2 PSU- Codegen 400W current videocard- Nvidia Geforce 7300 So I recently bought a new graphics card because my old one got fried and have to run on the backup Nvidia 7300(runs just fine with the backup and the late Geforce 8500 GT).However i just cant get the thing to accept the new one.I took the card back to the shop to check if it was dead but it ran fine in the shop.At home I tried all sorts of stuff:reseting BIOS, updating drivers tried on both of the PCIe slots(Yes i did plug in the auxiliary power cable) but to no avail. When i turn on the pc it gives out 5 beeps in a row,and from my time of using it i know that that is its signal that it cant find a video card(I am not entirely sure that is correct). I also tried it on a trendsonic 450W to see if the PSU is the problem,still doesent boot. I personally think it is the motherboard it gave such problems in the past and even got zapped by lightning once,fried its built in lancard so i have to use an external one.
  2. Highly carbonized hydration fluid is what i call it.
  3. So Today I got bored and decided to try out something new,switched on part clipping and started plastering random parts together. The result of this is my first successful stock replica of real world anything,the MIG 25 foxbat. It may fly like a brick with wings but heck it kinda looks cool (that is if you avoid looking into the intakes). PS:added download link:
  4. YAY I can finally explain the extremely convoluted story by witch I got mine. So first the MC stands for master craftsman,an allegory to my stride to become a Renaissance man(being proficient in all of the activities in the artistic circle). While steel goes back to my real last name ÖõÃȄÂ÷úþò(Jeliazkov)meaning iron with the slavic naming suffix -ov, and because MC-Iron does not sound especially pleasing I swapped it to its better sounding cousin,steel. And while this alias is heavily charged with my personality and took a bit of thinking to come up with it is also in an unfortunate position that it just sounds like a generic rapper named steel and a name that a 5 year old hoodlum would choose because it sounds "cool".
  5. So I was wondering when we do get the technology to create big sheets of graphene and stack them into a paper thick sheet. How strong will it be? (how strong will it be to pressure along the grain)? What will it look like? (by my understanding it will look somewhat like graphite,as a single sheet gulps up 1.2% of light the needed amount to reach that thickness it will have quite a lot of layers). Will multiple layers better of worse its photovoltiac properties? Also if the sheets slide out of place is a problem will it help if we dope it with metals or other?(And and if we dope it with cobalt will it give it a future-ish blue tinge,:rolleyes:or is that just for the oxide)?
  6. Eh...leave those alone, It will be much better if we make something with channels like Minute physics,Sci-show , PBS Idea channel and other such that put some SCIENCE in their content.
  7. Why do you insist on putting Jeb as the pilot when i specifically put some one else to pilot. Or Why must you make my coolest looking planes handle the worst. Or even refuse to give crucial DeltaV readings and force me to use mechjeb. Why do you even have to do the stupid "root part" dance where I have to rearrange my ships part by part just so i can change the root part. And as you say the staging configurator is utterly retarded,why put the stability enhancers on the last stage. This is pretty much my list of little issues.
  8. It could lay down on its back in a pressurized pod with wheels and Robotic arms and a video screen above its head so it can see the surroundings.Thats my best bet. Alternatively we can place it in a low pressure diving suit (like 1of6billion suggested) but in an aquatic habitat so that the water can offset gravity.
  9. I am kind of surprised no one made a jeb and his beloved boosters joke. But... If this isnt a serious wake up call i dont know what is.
  10. Scott Manley to the rescue! Also you should know that it is a monthly subscription,if you dont already know that is.
  11. Well science was just called science so funds was kind of to be expected.
  12. After a thorough analysis of design all i can say is ... ... Wow.
  13. Guess we humans are not the only being fearing the all dreaded low wi-fi connection then.