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  1. I was thinking of using the elevator to get above the atmosphere, and then launch your rocket
  2. that is exactly waht i was talking about!!
  3. how would the game react to building something that tall? because it would be pretty awesome. you could also launch ships and things without worrying about gravity or aerodynamics.
  4. its seems that something about this glitches out my game. i suddenly lose my veiw of my rocket. it looks awesome and i wish it worked.
  5. okay that\'s what i thought. also it is impossible because as velocity increases as does mass, so at 186,000 miles per second mass becomes infinite
  6. i will try both methods and post pics!
  7. so i was just wondering if it would be possible to go full on light speed on kerbal? I don\'t think that the game accounts for special relativity, but i could be wrong. so far the highest ive gotten is a six figure speed of about 600000 mps and then my engine separates from my fuel tank.
  8. congradulations! you have givin the solar system its first artificial satalight!
  9. i may be a noob but i have landed on the mun. what you do is point your thruster in the direction of the lateral travel and make a low power burn. also don\'t flip your lander 90 degrees, as it is to difficult to flip back fast enough. happy flying!
  10. hi! ive been playin since version 8 and now that we have the mun, i guess the only question remaining is, can we modify/add other moons and bodies?
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