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  1. MLS - Habitat Base Lander THE superlative Duna system triumphantly makes it's new home in the red dust. PS: When the product card says 10km AGL to apply max retro throttle, it really does mean it.
  2. New Product Information Card Example
  3. Superior documentation is on the way! Mission cards and more product information cards are in the works. It's true, the pack has become vast. The next version will receive a much needed edit process which is ongoing now. This has been put off because it is tedious work to re evaluate each part and craft, however great progress has been made. SLS - Orion Munar Mission One shot to the Mun and back. SLS - Orion Lab Capsule and Station in one shot
  4. Monkey Launch System - Orion Plus X Bulletproof Orion and Habitat System
  5. Is there any way you could setup a GitHub download and link, I think it would be better when trying to update or change or add stuff ?

  6. Thought so. Glad to hear you were able to return to flight Included in the next update will be some adjustments to the core stage that reduce the need for a fix of that kind.
  7. There was a last minute glitch with the SLS core stage that slipped through on the last update. It has to do with the older Bobcat model not having enough range on the gimbals, and our need to use fake torque to compensate. In the most recent version, this was reduced dramatically compared to previous versions because we have been able to make the hardware more stable, however for the very lightest payloads on SLS, essentially the ones you mentioned, the core stage is too powerful and overcomes the gimbals. Actually the payloads need to have more mass. Do us a favor, drop the folder in this zip https://www.dropbox.com/s/z6qh1p8lmmm47ze/AMCS_2stage.zip?dl=0 into your CMES\Propulsion folder, replacing AMCS_2stage all files. Reload the craft and see if you get a better result
  8. Habitat Base Lander Prototype testing of largest ever Chaka lander system.
  9. For the past four versions of KSP, models with an auto shroud ( example: the squad stock inflatable heat shield ), when you leave the hardware by going to space center, time warp and return to them... the shroud part of the model is canted off axis like it is loose. It does not happen every time, but 50% of the time if you send for example the stock inflatable heat shield to Duna with it's auto shroud deployed, then go off and do some other things, when you space center back to it, the shroud will be off axis and slid over to one side about 5 degrees.
  10. SLS- Orion Max drives exploration hardware
  11. So that means you can see the large JPG images saved on my desktop eh? lol First thing we are going to do is a bit of cleanup. We will do an update soon that has fewer parts and craft, cutting some dead weight that accumulated in the development process. Removed parts and craft will be provided in a separate folder just in case your favourite system got the cut. This will make the hardware easier to live with in game and focus the play through sequence. After that we can look at the new Boeing stuff
  12. Revised Exploration Habitat Demonstrates new radiator hardware
  13. Try again
  14. We like the sound of simplified!
  15. Anything in this pack that is related to Orion should only be used as shown with the included craft files. Since we are so myopic and focused on this pack working, the wonders of LS can be a mystery. Is USI preferred to TAC generally?