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  1. I don't know of any program made fro KSP but there are some good 3D modiling softwares out for free my favorite is SketchUp, but there are many others. With SketchUp, you will be able to set your Mesh with it and your texture file using there exporting options. AS for setting the part's connection nodes you will need to do this using trial and error by using the part editor in MS Note Pad or Note Pad Plus. P.S. Weegee? IDK what you mean by see as you have more mods than I can count
  2. I was testing an SSTO and when the game loaded i guess it forgot about air, i had no lift or drag from the atomsphere but my jets still worked so I thought 0.0 time for science! I made an orbit and then flew all the way to Laythe but i guess the game forgot about about that to becouse it wasn't there. Later I loaded in and every craft in orbit or landed was gone!
  3. Bop because there's something on it that was able to kill a Deep Space Kraken or Ike because the Magic Boulder has the power to kill a Deep Space Kraken making it equal to the 'thing' that must have killed the Deep Space Kraken on Bop
  4. Banned for not having 40 Formatting [brackets] in your signature Edit: At first i had 41 but i miscounted and included the
  5. Goal: The end goal of this challenge is to be the fastest to the Airfield Island Runway, Simple, and old so I decided to add a little twist for fun. The twist is you must use at least 8 of the glitchiest parts in the game in different ways. These parts are: The Radial Air Intake, The Cubic Octagonal Strut and The Octagonal Strut. You must have at least the required amount of each of these on your craft and they have to still be on your craft when you finish. The The Cubic Octagonal Strut and The Octagonal Strut are the only Structural parts you are allowed to use (NO EAS-4 Strut Connectors). Rules: 1. Must use at least 8 of The Radial Air Intake, The Cubic Octagonal Strut and at least 2 of The Cubic Octagonal Strut a. Only parts from the Structural tab that can be used are the The Cubic Octagonal Strut and The Octagonal Strut b. NO EAS-4 Strut Connectors. c. There must be at least 1 Cubic Octagonal Strut or a Octagonal Strut connecting each part. 2. You can use any stock engine you wish to use. 3. This is an All Stock Challenge. NO MODS AT ALL!!! 4. Screen Shots that must be included: ALL SCREEN SHOTS MUST HAVE THE RESOURCES TAB OPEN! a. A screen shot of your craft on the runway or launch pad. b. A screen shot of your craft in flight over the ocean. c. A screen shot of your craft landed on the runway. 5. Post this format: Your Name, Craft Name, Time Achieved Picture A Picture B Picture C 6. No Debug Menu This Challenge Is a Race!Lowest Mission Time To Full Stop Wins Leaderboards: 1st: Weegee, with The Spacer, With: 2:55 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: My Attempt: [Coming Soon]
  6. Banned for being a bad Jury Member in the case on the assault of Briansun1
  7. 5/10 just a picture and the last word is cut of in "The world is dying, and comes next is only th..." My first post was at the same time as vexx
  8. 3/10 just a list of quotes, that i see all the time
  9. 6/10 Nice Sig Pic, but not much formatting Now what do you guys think of my new Sig, it has 26 Formatting []s and took a very long time, I don't know if its really any good though