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  1. Ok, thanks. I am guessing that something got left behind from another mod. I will keep my saves but wipe the rest of the install folder and re-install KSP. Thanks! Figured out the mod that I removed that causes this. Just need to figure out what got changed outside the folder the mod installed.
  2. I could have sworn I did EVAs in space before but now my Kerbals go pop when they EVA and get the message "... realizes too late that space suits are a good idea." I have everything researched through tier 5 except Landing and I have Specialized Construction from tier 6 done. I don't see anything in the tech tree about space suit research. The only mod I currently have installed is Chatterer. I tried MechJeb but removed it until I can do all the needed maneuvers by hand. What am I missing or am I just being dense? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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