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    Как это по-русски

    "Исправленные орбиты"?(это как дилетант)... Извните,ни кто не знает как новые эксперементы прописать?Раньше всё было понятно,"название биома=эксперимент" и сохранить файл в другой кодировке,теперь-ничего нет...
  2. I do not understand, but figured out, made and put the converted files. Link below, can someone writes, reads and even download and stop whining. Download and unzip in Gamedata
  3. Sorry, I incorrectly stated an essence (because I use a machine translator). What specifically .cfg file should be opened? ,,,,,,,,,,,, eh, tuplyu, (machine translator, even this does not translate, not to mention other words) Everything worked out. Thank you. (If one is necessary) unzip in Gamedata
  4. Please tell me what to look for in the file? Not in a single file like the combination of symbols does not occur.
  5. Sorry that misled, but the model used in earlier versions of the KSP. (Seems to 0.24). Of all the new-one line in the file and repainted textures. (I sometimes wonder alter the texture, not more)
  6. That would not be confused stock "Gravioli Detector" and "Radiation sensor" I use a slightly different texture. RadiationSensor folder unzip in \LTech\Parts\Science (sorry for my English)
  7. I use the latest version 1.1 pre-release. Only I have a bug with display of textures for women's heads? Who uses the module WindowShine add the lines in it
  8. I can confirm Gaugeforever VAB problem with only this mod installed. All parts get stuck frozen in the air.