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  1. Absolutely. I often play on my laptop (Intel i5 with the Intel 4000 onboard graphics) and it's usually pretty jerky. Way more smooth. Also, the new rockets are insanely OP (I've never used mods with bigger rockets, so maybe I just have never seen real power). Good update!
  2. I haven't ever used Dropbox, but I assume that having Dropbox in the system tray on both PCs would be able to sync 2 folders. I'll report back once I try it out.
  3. I run KSP from Steam. I have 2 PC's in my home, both of which have the ability to run KSP. Ideally, I'd like to be able to play a saved game no matter which PC I'm on, without having to manually transfer the files every time. I see 2 possible solutions: 1) Store the entire KSP installation on a network drive that both PC's can access 2) Have KSP separately installed on each PC, but have each of them point to the same "Saved Games" folder on a network drive. Obviously #1 would run pretty slow. Is #2 possible? Is there a workaround to possibly automatically mirror the files in the saved directory? Thanks for any thoughts.
  4. No. Pretty sure that these are RCS thrusters. I've just never used them on a probe before.
  5. Total noob question here: Are those RCS thrusters on the side of the probe? Why would you have those on there? Easier repositioning midflight without using SAS? Never thought of this.