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  1. Hi snigavik, In theory it should work as long as the dependancy mods work, but I haven't tested it in ages, and I suspect the python dependancies need to be updated. I haven't looked at this project for quite some time, and the code is a bit of a mess (it was my first major python project and could use a bit of a tidy up). I've got some holidays coming up in about a month, I'll try to do some work on it then and add more functionality to it. Cheers for your interest ttb
  2. Hi folks, A quick update. Unfortunately I haven't been able to put much time into basaGC lately. Development occurs in small bursts around my uni timetable, and one such burst is probably about to begin (after exams :). A new version (3) is now in the works. Plans are to replace Telemachus with kRPC for communicating with KSP. Whilst Telemachus is a great mod, I am approaching the limits of what it can do for basaGC. Switching to kRPC will allow a whole slew of new features, and reduce the amount of data needing to be keyed in to the DSKY (may have a hardcore mode tho where data entry is manual). I would rather use KOS than kRPC but KOS is giving me problems with the telnet interface. kRPC also has a python client library so this will be easier to write. Testers needed! Please use and abuse basaGC, and let me know any bugs/problems/suggestions you have. Cheers, ttb
  3. Hi folks, I haven't updated this for quite some time, but today is the day of the latest release! After a big chunk of work, basaGC is now updated to use Python 3. This has required a change in widget toolkit from wxPython to PyQt5. Please check the requirements as listed in the readme. Download link is in the top post. Please feel free to test and suggest improvements and report bugfixes. Cheers, ttb
  4. Can't help you there, I'm using Linux, sorry. Python shouldn't be that hard to install. - - - Updated - - - 1202 alarm isn't currently programmed into the guidance computer, possibly will add a simulated failure mode to include this. Technically this alarm wouldn't occur as the internal structure of basaGC is way different than the AGC, this alarm was caused by the AGC essentially running out of memory, easy to do with a system that has ~64kwords memory - - - Updated - - - Hi folks, Unfortunately I havent been able to put much time into this at all lately, between caring for my son and work and volunteer duties life has been a bit hectic. Meanwhile... I have found a cheap source of electronic parts and actually managed to get my mitts on some, so currently the hardware version of basaGC is back on the cards. Below are a few hardware decisions: - Going to use arduino mega because of much more IO pins which will allow me to directly interface the keyboard to the MCU rather than using decade counters or PISO shift registers, basically this means less complexity component-wise, - Am awaiting more parts to build a prototype (probably about 4 weeks away), initially I will use a 20X4 LCD instead of seven-segment LEDS, as 7segs are more expensive. Also another problem is I need 3 digits for the + and - symbols, these would have to be either 14- or 16-segments, am having trouble matching size and colours to the 7segs. Another option is to use 4 rectangle LEDS arrainged in a + shape, will prototype and post here. - I will not be aiming to build a exact replica of the AGC, but it will be more or less similiar. Possibly will add an extra panel to contain additional indicator lamps and switches that arn't directly part of the AGC but are driven or used by it. Will continue all posts re the hardware version in this thread: Thanks, ttb
  5. Hi all, Quick question, is it possible to add a external tool to CKAN, such as a Python package?
  6. New DSKY screenshot:
  7. Hi folks, just a quick update on this project. Motivativation levels have been quite low lately to work on this. My current intentions is to convert basaGC to use Telemachus' websockets interface, as well as integrating the Twisted framework into basaGC. I am also looking at alternate interfaces as I really want this to run on my Android phone. Thoughts include using javascript/HTML5, or perhaps Kivy to get this working. Also I shall be working on decoupling the DSKY interface from the rest of the code, to allow different frontends to operate. So I won't be doing too much to add to the functionality, one problem I am having in this area currently is working out the math to use for calculating maneuvers, any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't math good To get the most bleeding edge updates, pull the "feature/uncoupling" branch from github (may be broken) Thanks, ttb
  8. Me too, the only time I have noticed this bug is when I was hammering the Telemachus server every 0.05 secs and requesting pretty much every available piece of telemetry. I assumed it was because I was abusing Telemachus too much, now I only make each request every 0.1 secs and only request a few pieces of data at a time, and I haven't noticed this since. Thanks, ttb
  9. Just found this online, its a javascript version of Virtual AGC: Enjoy ttb
  10. One more thing i forgot, an excellent book on the AGC is entitled "The Apollo Guidance Computer: Architecture and Operation" by Frank O'Brien, ISBN 9781441908766. Its a great resource, mainly dealing with the hardware and software in general. Thanks, ttb
  11. Hi all, basaGC is proud to announce the release of version 0.5.7. As per usual, use the download link on the top post to get your copy. New in this version is a checklist menu and some bug fixes. Happy navigating! ttb
  12. Hi Fusty, The only resources I've used can be found at the Virtual AGC project, on the document library page. There are an awful lot of documents, the ones that I have based this project off are the GSOP documents, and the Apollo 15 Electronics manual, by Delco Electronics. Honestly there is so much documentation there it can be hard to find what you need, its such a great resource tho. The AC Delco manual is great for having a rundown of the steps performed by each program as seen by the astronaut, whereas the GSOP manuals specify each program more from the point of view of the AGC. The programs as written for the AGC don't match up to what are in basaGC, they are more an inspiration and a guide more than anything. I heartily recomment having a play around with the Virtual AGC, its primo thanks, ttb
  13. Hi all, BASA is proud to announce the release of 0.5.6. As per usual, get your copy from the top page in this thread. I really need to write some documentation on how to get to the Mun, that is my next task Happy navigating, ttb
  14. Thanks for your kind words, it inspires me to keep going with this project Any and all user feedback/bug reports etc keenly sought. Thanks, ttb
  15. Hi all, New belated release 0.5.5 on github now Thanks, ttb