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  1. You aren't trying to say that's because of the metric system are you?
  2. Eagle and OA. Got Eagle at 14, was the youngest BS in the country to get it that year.
  3. Makes much more sense and is far easier to visualize than the distance from the elbow to the thumb. - - - Updated - - - I feel you. Everything on this damn boat is SAE NC, except the 60 or so metric bolts. I have to keep an entire set of wrenches just for them. And the dumbass who relieves me doesn't understand that a hex head cap screw with 8.8 stamped on it is FREAKING METRIC. DON'T REPLACE IT WITH IMPERIAL.
  4. It looks like Stage Recovery does some parts checking and some math in the background. It appears to be a little lenient for recovery, but hey...it works. I've been using it for 3 days and I'm really happy with not having to try to micromanage spent stages.
  5. It worked, I added a modular girder segment to the radial decoupler and got separation from the winglet, all is well.
  6. I have it strutted 6 ways, total of 24 struts on the Twin boars. EDIT: Fixed. The fins on the twin boars were clipping into the SRB. The boosters were yanking them off.
  7. My lifter stage is comprised of a twin board in the center with 4 twin boars attached radially via the modular girder segment. I have attached a kickback to each of the radial boars via a TT70 radial decoupler. When the the Kickbacks run out of fuel, I stage them off. The problem is that the 4 Twin boars also separate from the girder segment, even though there is no staging device. They continue to burn, and the stage menu shows their fuel status, even though they are no longer attached, but mechjeb does not report their fuel any more. Is this a bug or what?
  8. [played a lot, but not since Dec] New Career. I've done some reading and checked a few long threads, but I still have some doubts as to the usefulness of the Lab, so help me out here. I understand that I need: Lots of power A pair of Scientists, the higher the level the better Experiments that get processed by the lab. I toyed around with it in orbit around the Mun, and the science return was .5 a day, and it required too much micromanagement due to less than optimal power generation. I've advanced a bit and I'm confident I can land a Lab on the surface of Minmus. I plan on doing the followin
  9. I just got back from the Magic Kingdom. The last evening we were there I spent 60$ buying hot dogs and lemonade for 5 people right before the park closed. KSP is cheap. Cheap cheap.
  10. One more knife in the back from the video game industry.
  11. Hmm. I will have to keep that in mind, I'll do some pecking and see how it goes. My first real attempt at a city is at 18k cims and I'm making 10k a week. I just opened a new mining operation, will have to see how it goes.
  12. Well, an update to the traffic ai would be welcome. I made a 6 lane overpass over a 6 lane main access road, and attached simple on and off ramps. The overpass led to a high density residential and a high density commercial section, and the main access led to the regional connection and the oil and timber industry with the low density residential sector on the other end. Plenty of roadway for my population. About 10 mins after plopping, I'm seeing long lines of traffic at the off ramp. Apparently everyone who lived in the low density residential thought that the drive home from work would be i
  13. Agreed. The traffic isn't even that bad in that area. It's basically a square of 6 lane one way with 1 way 2 lane. There are two separate exits to the highway, and like I said..there is a fire house on each 2 lane.
  14. I'm really enjoying this. I've got a pretty good grasp on everything..except fires. I exploited an oil resource with 5 rows of 4x30ish light industry. The fires are unbelievable. Literally. I have a fire house on every row, and the industry is burning down around them, constantly. It's freaking absurd. Fires in the front of the fire house, behind the firehouse, down the street...It's almost not worth it, considering how often I have to babysit the burned down buildings.
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