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  1. Ahh, I didn't think that it would be removing the parts that caused it I'll just use this as an opportunity to make a 2.5m Lander.
  2. KSP Version: 1.0.4 OS: Windows (32bit KSP) Note: I'm using the Asteroid Day mod, but since it's an official mod i figured I should put this here. The Bug: Using the large NASA LFBs in an asparagus staging configuration seems to corrupt the ship. You can continue to edit the ship fine but once you exit the VAB and attempt to launch this happens. If you load the saved ship you get this (Notice the lack of fairing between the second stage engine and the decoupler) instead of a proper VAB, and the only way to remove it is to exit the VAB and re-enter. This bug has happened to me with two different
  3. manni01 is deathly allergic to the number 76.
  4. I've got a mod in the works which is going to add telescopes, they might have a similar function to what you were describing. It will also completely overhaul science, so the problem of science being too easy to get is solved. However, it will be aimed towards the more experienced users of KSP and as such will be quite a bit more diffucult than stock. Not as difficult as RO, but still up there.
  5. If you go on EVA, then right click the experiment that has the science in it (Ex: command pod, mystery goo, thermometer, etc.) you can select "Remove Data". This will take the science out of the part and give it to the EVA kerbal. To move it to a different ship, simply approach the command pod (must be one that can have kerbals in it) then right click it and select "Store Data". This will put the science points into that command pod, so that when you recover it it will give you the science.
  6. General Rarity got hit by a train in a tunnel.
  7. TACLS adds a max G-force, although I believe it is teh same for all kerbals. I'll see if TaranisElsu wants to add that
  8. This thread is just going to cause arguments. There really isn't a need for this kind of thread, if you're looking for help choosing a license, check out Majiir's thread on the subject.
  9. Very cool. Never seen that kind of texture on a picture of the sun before. It looks kinda like fur
  10. Science is already way to easy to get. I could complete the tech tree without ever leaving Kerbin.
  11. I use a license that allows users to modify and/or redistribute my mod. Why? Because if all the mods on this community were "All Rights Reserved", it would not exist. This community is (in general) very open to people modifying other people's mods, which is great because it is a great resource for new modders, and more experienced modders can take an idea and make something amazing. If modders were forced into using "All Rights Reserved, Do Not Distribute, No Derivatives" because people were using their mods in a way they do not want them to, this community would become a lot more hostile towa
  12. Did you have them in a ship when you deleted them? If so it could've corrupted something.
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