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  1. fascinating. http://joshworth.com/dev/pixelspace/pixelspace_solarsystem.html
  2. I didn't see them in the list, and I don't do mods
  3. My last thread was locked because I think it was misunderstood. I was not suggesting robotics as cited for the reason for locking it. I would like to see moving parts that you manually control how they move one part at a time. for example: Two end rotator, one end turns against the other to pivot parts. These can be rotated manually 360 degrees and can lock at certain points, ie half way, quarter way ect. In this photo I made the blue the rotating parts with grey being docking ports, white a ship part and red being engines. I got this idea when I didn't have wheels unlocked in career mode and wanted to launch a jet and land with legs vertically (harrier style) Second could be both ends remain static while in line and the center moves. Very simple red rotates as mentioned before and is wide enough for at least docking ports to connect to, Blue ends remain connected to a ship. Finally 2 ends remain static with rails between the two, you can manually move the slider from one end to the other and the center also rotates manually (have to switch between which to control on the unit) you can create amazing stations with parking for things like fuel tanks. Imagine both ends are connected to the centers of another 2 of these so they could move in and out in tandem towards the yellow fuel tanks and can rotate out to a waiting ship in need of a fuel tank. ect ect... green ends static, blue moves on the red rails and blue rotates, perhaps with docking ports on it. Thoughts?
  4. Manually rotate, change engine directions to hover to fly straight. Imagine having a fuel hub where you rotate out a tank to another rotates with dock ports, you could bring them out like a Swiss Army knife... OHH how about a rail slider like a shipping dock crane that moves train cars and conex boxes (freight boxes) it could slide between ends like a printer cartridge and have a rotating port for moving things in station.
  5. I meant have the company make the game not mod creators. Less hassle when patch time comes, I played mmos that I had to spen hours getting ui mods updated or looking for new versions when updated came.
  6. I would really like to see rotators in the game. 2 types ideally, one that rotates against the other side, and one that had both ends remain static and the center rotates. These would be useful for docking stations, solar panels and making hover start jets, ie the osprey or joint strike fighter/harrier. Also having locking at certain degrees would be great!
  7. I am keeping my game vanilla, I tried 1 mod and had to delete the game and redownload it because it wouldn't even load. Thanks for the idea though. I'd like the devs to make my game
  8. Hi all, I looked in the already suggested thread and didn't see this. I would like to see a crane arm implemented like the one on the ISS from Canada. http://www.nasa.gov/audience/foreducators/k-4/features/F_Canadian_Crane.html I think if you could make it a 3 section rotating/hinging part with a small coupler on it, it would be so cool to be able to maneuver your space station into place with one or two of these. Thanks for reading!
  9. Today we mark the heroics of Jeb Kerman as he selflessly went on a voyage to rescue fellow cosmonaut Bill Kerman. Bill Kerman was sent on his mission to Minimmus. All seemed well and after collecting surface samples he returned to his ship, that was noticeably low on fuel. But non the less he tried to return home only to find he would run out of fuel in orbit around Kerbal. After much deliberation, it was decided we cannot leave Bill in this predicament. A plan was hatched, Jeb would rescue Bill Kerman! Hours of hard work and retrofitting a previous ship with rescue gear and an additional seat, and still in the first few stages of career mode, he was off! Bill had actually went on an EVA to "push" his rocket home as it was soooo close to making the orbit. But while out on that EVA he ran out of fuel and was aloof in space. Jeb's years of training led him to an intercept course in which he was able to actually put the ladder to the hatch right in Bills hands, a simple switch to Bill and the letter F and he was onboard with a ride home! this was no easy feat and I wanted to share with you all the good news as I am a beginner to this game and LOVE it!!! Thanks for reading!