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  1. I did physics warp 4 and my 267 ton ship was torn apart.
  2. It has 350+ 2x2 panels and 6 orange fuel tanks
  3. Those 2x2 plates It has 8 orange fuel tanks and 300+ 2x2 plates
  4. O'k so I need a heavy lifter that can get a 750 ton armored space ship out of kerbals orbit does what I want even exist or do I need hyper edit? Also I posted a thread about a 450 ton lifter yesterday but today I build a bigger one.
  5. O'k so I need a heavy lifter. I built a Armored starship only problem weighing In at 450 tons Its grounded I cant build any thing that will lift It so any of you have some Insane lifter? for Verizon 0.22?