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  1. Absolutely. Exploration, of space or otherwise, has never really been about what was cost effective, because it will almost always inevitably pay off. That being said, given our level of technology, for certain goals it would be better to send robots. But this is more because you'd spend more time and resources on setting up a manned variant of mission X where an unmanned variant would require a fraction of the time and resources. We shouldn't say no to a manned mission just because it won't shower us in SCIENCE!, but we also shouldn't insist on a manned mission if its going to turn into a time and resource sink before it can ever get off the ground.
  2. Oh god yes. If there's something that's missing from this game, its designing your return crafts around the expectation that you'll be hauling several tons of rocks. As far as how to do it, I can think of only two bits of advice. AS far as generating them goes, you may want to look into how asteroids work. It may be possible to adapt that mechanic for this. And as far as actually interacting with the rocks, Kerbal Attachment System seems perfect for it, especially if you're going to generate the rocks as parts.
  3. Just had one myself. I've been playing around with shuttles/spaceplanes all day because I want to revive the Saturn-Shuttle challenge I came up with, and naturally my initial reasoning to not bother with planes in KSP was quite justified. BUT, after many hours of toiling (8am to exactly 2am) and finally ending up with a shuttle-like flying contraption that actually behaves like a plane should and then getting used to the oh so finicky controls (I'm no stranger to how to fly a plane, game or otherwise, but these controls. Even with caps lock its just ugh) I've finally had my very first landing. And naturally, I did it at a whopping 10m/s (Obviously I need to fine tune how I approach landing. Clearly I can go much faster). And after that, I was able to fly up again and land back down, promptly destroying my engines because I tried it on a slope. But hey, its my first shuttle landing! And after completing an orbit nonetheless. (reentry wasn't as bad as I thought it was, though then again I probably stumbled on the magic entry angle) What experiences have you guys had?
  4. Those textures wouldn't be that hard to replicate if you have the know how. They're not particularly complicated.
  5. How goes the Apollo IVA Denny?
  6. With budgets you'll be more inclined to spend the money on the lab rather than several sets of what will likely be very expensive science experiments.
  7. A Grand Tour will be more impressive with conventional rocketry. Then again, the infrastructure required for Interstellar, if overdone, can also be just as impressive.
  8. The way I've done it is to go into this mods resource definitions and get rid of the Water and Oxygen (instead letting TAC handle that. They're named the same so no maintenance as far as TAC files are concerned), and then make hydrogen the same density as oxygen (which you can find out in tac's resource file). Then I just go into the wedges themselves and reduce the amounts down to 240.
  9. Like I said, internet.
  10. Or may be you can calm down and realize you were asking for it by tacking on the "Taking Part requests" to your thread title. I can understand the annoyance but this is the internet. People not reading and jumping the gun happens literally all of the time. If you didn't want people just requesting whatever, and more than one whatever, don't name your thread "Taking Part Requests". Don't even change the topic title. Just keep the requests in the posts, and only the people who care enough to read the topic will ask. With the thread titled as it is, random people are going to start posting and freaking out over it just makes you look bad.
  11. Mission Log: The Kerlington Command Capsule test and Kerbin Space Center Inspection Goal: To test the Kerlington Command Capsule in preparation for the first launch and to inspect the grounds of the Kerbin Space Center. _____________________________ Today, team commander Connor Kerman has his work cut out for him. He has to test the freshly acquired command capsule in preparation for launch, and it has fallen on him to inspect the grounds of the newly built Space Center as well. In accordance with the new programs policy, Connor was abducted in his sleep and placed into the capsule, unconscious. He woke to the capsules interior in a daze, with Bob cracking on over the radio to tell him to get to work. OOC: I decided to spice up the customary farm KSC for early science points mission everybody does by taking a tour of the center, which is something I've never actually done before. It was actually pretty cool.
  12. In the aftermath of the 63rd and a half World War, the people of planet Kerbin rejoiced as the debris clouds cleared. But now the people of Kerbin needed something more, something to distract them from the fact that the planet had literally been wiped blank by the ravages of war. So, the newly created United Kerbin government created a new administration, with one simple goal: to explore beyond the skies of Kerbin, and to take kerbalkind to the stars. The Global Space Administration set to work immediately, coming up with a project to accomplish the governments three primary goals: To reach orbit, explore and land on both moons, and establish a foothold in space. Project Trident will accomplish these goals. MISSION LOG: 1. The Kerlington Command Capsule Test and KSC Inspection OOC: So this is to be my mission report to chronicle my goings on, with the theme above. The first project, Trident (Named as such because of its three main goals), will basically be just me harvesting all the science from Kerbin's SOI so I can unlock the tech tree. While I can accomplish interplanetary missions without doing so, my next project as it was pre-designed requires most of the tech tree to work out. Thus, Trident will come first. I am using Tac Life Support (without respawn), as well as Science Revisited and Stock Rebalance. I'm also using a lot of other mods, as will become apparent. I have trimmed a lot of the mods to just the bits and bobs that I actually use. I have also edited a few things. Namely, the J2 engine from FASA was changed to be a bit more powerful (I found it too weak, and even in the 5 engine configuration my TWR was still under 1.0 even when using all FASA parts above the engines), and I've edited several command pods to be KAS containers to spare myself the headaches of trying to integrate the normal KAS containers where they didn't really fit. My first mission log will start off right as I start the game. And go on from there as I see fit. I'll likely skip supply missions and certain maintenance bits. And as I'm sure it'll be asked, I do intend on having a unique mission badge/flag for every project. The basic flag for non-project missions will just be the NASA flag. We'll pretend it says GSA, because I'm too lazy to do up an actual GSA flag.
  13. Request: Nova Engine Plate, IE, the 8 engine plate for the nova rocket. The rest of the rocket wouldn't be hard to make with certain other mods, but its the engine plate that's the tough bit.
  14. I just hope that we'll get to bring back multiple surface samples for money. It'd be nice to actually have to sit and collect a decent amount of surface samples (and account for them in your design) to get mileage out of the task.
  15. The thing about KSP is that, while the game as it is intended to be played is going to appeal more to a more mature player base, the nature of the game can appeal to basically anyone. Whenever I suggest the game to people, a lot of times it isn't the space sim that hooks them, its the rocket building. Literally anyone who understands the basic idea of what a rocket does can have some fun building a rocket out of the parts.
  16. I hate you man. Now I have to integrate an asteroid into my Duna mission >.< But no seriously, I hate you, because this is awesome. <3
  17. Mine is Kerbodyne Space Systems. Which fits, because I spend more time designing rockets and other space vessels than I do actually sending them anywhere xD
  18. Its actually easier to just fly up to 50km+ and just use the jetpack.
  19. Thats for scrubs. I use full Saturn V's as boosters. Not really, but I'm toying with the idea of building such a rocket. Perhaps even using some kind of onion staging. Incidentally, Friz may want to look into increasing the fragility of the LEM. I again had an instance where I landed on a crater's rim and then bounced and slid a severe distance away with little to no damage done even though I was hitting 50m/s for most of the ride. You can see here how far I slid. The crater rim in the foreground is where I tried to touch down (I warped past my breaking point so I couldn't slow down fast enough) and then in the distance that white speck right in the middle is where I ended up after bouncing and sliding.
  20. Indeedly. Interestingly enough though, if you have tweakable everything you can turn staging off in-game and still maintain the dV readings. Strange.
  21. Have a peculiar issue I'd like to report. (love the models by the way) Has to do with the decouplers and Void/Kerbal Engineer. This is probably affecting MechJeb as well, but I don't use it. Anyway, the decouplers are zeroing out all delta V readings for the stage they're a part of, for both Void and Kerbal Engineer. If I stack my rocket normally (using any other decoupler) then I get delta v for those stages, but the first stage (I'm trying to use US in my first stage) isn't being picked up unless I leave out the decouplers, which is a shame because they're aesthetically pleasing on each side of the octo core. I started fiddling with the config file and after removing the decouple module it solved the issue. Then after comparing it to the stock 2.5m decoupler, it seems that the last three lines in the module are probably causing the issue. Don't have time at the moment to confirm it however. (darn you meddling responsibilities)
  22. Tonight I did a dry run of my ALSEP-esque system using KAS. (I edited the LM descent stage to be a KAS container. I didn't like the idea of just attaching everything to the side, mostly because it looks ugly and is a pain to design around)
  23. Something I think would be great for this mod would be some kind of configuration tool so users can select which mods they actually have. The way it is now, when you use the .cfg all the parts listed in it show up in the container editors even if you don't have the mods. Granted, this may just be a bug of some kind (in which case a configurator might not be necessary) but even so.
  24. Just the other night I was doing a Mun landing into one of the very small, but deep craters. For some reason I ended up distracted and I ended up landing onto the slope at 30m/s. But, somehow, my landing legs survived and instead of exploding, my lander just bounced and slid all the way down to the center of the crater. It was amazing.
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