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  1. If i remember correctly 89%, around 30 tons
  2. Apparently the new Magic Boulder is a randomly generated asteroid
  3. I discovered this bug a lot of time ago, but I thought it was an overlay bug since it doesn't seem to affect lift
  4. 106 years 192 days, then the savegame got corrupted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I basically spent 2 hours filling that form for nothing, age restrictions weren't written anywhere, that should have been said in advance.
  6. Making replicas often consist in using parts in a completely different way they were designed for
  7. Isn't using rapiers kinda cheating since they are technically 2 different engines?
  8. 14.2T without clamps, not the lightest possible, but i wanted to make it cool. Only 3 parts out of 18 are discarded, all the rest is recoverable Download: Action groups 1: decouple main fuel tank
  9. How do you even build a rocket with a gamepad? Also, according to the wiki, there are over 100 key bindings + action groups for ksp, where are they going to put all of them? And what about performance issues? ksp after 1.0 barely runs on pc...
  10. Considering the ps4 hardware it's going to crash even before you start it.
  11. Well...
  12. I still don't know how this craft survived 1.0
  13. As someone who lost months of work in a matter of seconds because of a corrupted craft file, no, they are not funny.
  14. Just like the real one